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Philippines. 2013 ‘License and Scope of License for Gunsmiths [Regulations].’ Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10591, otherwise known as 'Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act'; Rule III (Section 17), pp. 46-51. Manila: Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 7 December

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Section 17. License and Scope of License for Gunsmiths

17.1 The license for gunsmiths shall allow the grantee to repair registered firearms of a licensed citizen or a licensed juridical entity. The license for gunsmith shall specifically state the place of business where the grantee shall conduct business. The grantee or its employees, if any, shall not be allowed to repair a firearm in any other place other than that specified in the license. The grantee shall require the submission of a photocopy of both the license to own or possess firearms and the registration card of the subject firearm/s1 to be repaired and the presentation of the original copy. The grantee shall keep a record of the firearms that have been repaired as well as that of the licensee for inspection by the FEO1 or its authorized personnel.

17.2 Unregistered firearms or those with expired firearm registration shall not be accepted for repair. Failure to comply with this provision shall be a ground for the cancellation/revocation of the license to repair after due process and any person in violation of this provision shall be held liable and penalized in accordance with this IRR.

17.3 In case that the scope of the repair will replace the barrel, slide, frame, receiver, cylinder or bolt assembly, including its individual or peculiar identifying characteristics essential in forensic examination of a firearm, the gunsmith shall require the licensed citizen or the licensed juridical entity to secure first a Permit to Repair from the FEO or Police Regional Office, stating therein the scope of the repair before accepting the registered firearm/s for repair…

17.5 The gunsmith shall submit a report on a monthly basis stating therein the list of the firearms and the scope of the respective repairs to the FEO. Failure on his/her part to perform the obligation herein mentioned shall be a ground for the revocation of his/her license to repair after due process…

17.11 In order to qualify and acquire a license for individual gunsmith, the applicant must:

a) be a Filipino citizen;
b) be at least twenty-one (21) years old at the time of the filing of his/her written application;
c) have a good moral character;
d) have a safe and secure gunsmith facility; and
e) have burglar-proof firearms vault enough to safely accommodate the quantity of firearms requested for repair…

[FEO = Firearms and Explosives Office of the Philippine National Police; IRR = Implementing Rules and Regulations]

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