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Philippines. 2013 ‘Scope of License to Manufacture Firearms and Ammunition [Regulations].’ Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10591, otherwise known as 'Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act'; Rule III (Section 14), pp. 37-40. Manila: Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 7 December

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Section 14. Scope of License to Manufacture Firearms and Ammunition

14.1 The License to Manufacture firearms, parts of firearms and ammunition shall include assembly of firearms, manufacture of parts and accessories to complete the firearm, repair of defective firearms pursuant to the warranty provision in the contract of sale or as a result of wear and tear, processing of ammunition components, loading, reloading and disassembly of ammunition, enhancement and refurbishing of firearms, and such other acts necessary and indispensable for the full utilization/implementation of the license.

14.2 The License to Manufacture includes the authority granted to the authorized manufacturer to deal in or sell all the manufactured items covered by the said license…

14.4 The License to Manufacture shall also include the Authority to Import1 machinery, equipment and the firearm parts and ammunition components. Imported firearms parts and ammunition components shall be limited to those authorized to be manufactured as stated in the approved license. The Authority to Import shall be for the approval of the Chief, PNP or his/her authorized representative…

14.4.1 Requirements for Issuance of Authority to Import

a) Letter request addressed to the Chief, PNP stating the items to be imported…

14.5 Authorized manufacturer is entitled to import various firearms for reference, test and evaluation for manufacture of similar types of firearms covered by the License to Manufacture. Further, authorized manufacturer is also entitled to various reference firearms needed to test the ammunition manufactured as covered by its License to Manufacture.

14.6 Authorized manufacturer shall secure Authority to Export manufactured parts or finished products of firearms and ammunition. The Export Permit of firearms and ammunition shall be for the approval of the Chief, PNP or his/her authorized representative…

14.6.1 Requirement for Issuance of Authority to Export

Authorized manufacturer may export its products to countries with diplomatic relations with the Philippines upon submission of the following requirements…

d) End-User Certificate (EUC)…

14.7 Firearms and ammunition for reference, sample, demonstration, test and evaluation shall not be allowed for sale and distribution…

14.8 Permit to Transport Firearms and Ammunition shall be applied for by the authorized manufacturer for the following purposes:

a) Transport from factory to FEO2 Storage facility and vice versa;
b) Transport from factory to subcontractor and vice versa;
c) Transport from FEO storage or manufacturer to exhibit, display, demonstration or testing site and vice versa;
d) Transport from FEO Storage to Authorized Dealer's gun stores and vice versa;
e) For imported items, transport from port of entry to FEO storage or manufacturer's factory;
f) For exportation, transport from manufacturer's factory or FEO storage to port of exit; and
g) Transport from authorized manufacturer's factory to its clients and vice versa.

14.8.1 The approving authority for the issuance of Permit to Transport is the Chief, PNP or his/her duly authorized representatives…

[FEO = Firearms and Explosives Office of the Philippine National Police; PNP = Philippine National Police]

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