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Canada. 2015 ‘Authorizations to Transport.’ Authorizations to Transport Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Firearms Regulations SOR/98-206 (Regulations are current to 10 September 2015) (Sections 1.1, 2, 3, 4, 5), pp. 1-3. Ottawa ON: Minister of Justice. 10 September

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Threat to Safety

1.1 A chief firearms officer1 may issue to an individual an authorization to transport if the chief firearms officer determines that the transportation of a restricted firearm or prohibited firearm,2 as the case may be, between two or more specified places will not pose a threat to the safety of the individual or any other individual.

Number of Firearms

2. An authorization to transport may authorize the transportation of one or more restricted firearms or prohibited firearms.

Contents of Authorizations to Transport That Take the Form of Licence Conditions

3. An authorization to transport that takes the form of a condition attached to a licence must

(a) identify all of the firearms to which the authorization to transport applies; and

(b) specify
(i) the period for which the authorization to transport is issued,
(ii) the places between which the firearms to which it applies may be transported, and
(iii) the reasons for which the firearms may be transported between the specified places.


4. A chief firearms officer who issues an authorization to transport shall attach to it the condition that the firearm be transported by a route that, in all the circumstances, is reasonably direct.


5. A chief firearms officer who issues an individual's authorization to transport shall revoke it if
(a) the individual's licence to possess any of the firearms referred to in the authorization is revoked or reaches its expiry date; or
(b) the chief firearms officer becomes aware that the individual's physical or mental state has deteriorated to an extent that may affect the safety of the individual or of any other person.

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