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Capie, David. 2002 ‘The Supply: Post-conflict states.’ Small Arms Production and Transfers in South East Asia (146), p. 17. Canberra: Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University. 1 January

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The Supply: Post-conflict states

The Philippines is another highly weaponised society, with between 600,000 and 700,000 guns registered with the Philippines National Police (PNP) (10).

Estimates as to the number of unregistered arms in circulation vary wildly, ranging from 270,000 to 600,000 weapons.

A Philippines Center for Transnational Crime report, citing the PNP's Firearms and Explosives Division (FED), comes up with a figure closer to 350,000, dividing the total into 180,766 'un-re-registered', weapons, 2,156 firearms that are 'lost' and 157,860 weapons simply designated as 'loose', In addition, unlike Cambodia, the Philippines has its own major gun industry and its own annual output continues to add to these totals.

Endnote(10): A Philippine Center on Transnational Crime (PCTC) paper published in 2000 claims there are 633,607 licensed firearms in the country. Other reports cite the figure 714,757 ('Curb those guns', Asiaweek, 8 September 2000). The 700,000 figure is based on the PCTC report's figure, taking into account its claim that, on average, there is an average increase of 65,802 registered firearms each year. Rodrigo P. Gracia & Camilo PP Cascolan, 'PCTC Paper on illegal Manufacturing of an Trafficking in Firearms', paper presented to the Jakarta Regional Seminar on the Illicit Trafficking in Small Arms and Light Weapons, 3-4 May 2000, 12-13. According to a separate 1998 PNP intelligence report, 56% of all weapons in the Philippines are in Mindanao, 23% are in Luzon, 21 % are in the Visayas. See 'PNP reports 137,645 guns loose nationwide', Business World, 28 September 1998.

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