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Mouzos, Jenny. 2000 ‘The Licensing and Registration Status of Firearms Used in Homicide.’ Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice (151). Canberra: National Homicide Monitoring Programme / NHMP, Australian Institute of Criminology. 1 May

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A special study was carried out by the Home Office where they examined firearms used in homicide in England and Wales.

They asked police forces for information on all firearm homicides in the period 1992-94 (Home Office1998).

There were 196 relevant homicides, with information available on whether the firearm was legally held or not for 151 homicides.

It was found that in 15 percent of the homicides, the firearms were legally held by the perpetrator (22 cases), or by the victim (1 case).

In 6 homicides, there was evidence to suggest that the firearm used had been stolen. These were very likely to have been legally held by the owner (Corkery 1994, cited in a Home Office study of stolen firearms showed that of those which were recovered, virtually all were licensed).

Therefore, in total at least 29 of the 196 firearm homicides (15%) were legally held by someone -- either the perpetrator, the victim, or an original owner from whom the firearm had been stolen.

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