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United Nations. 1999 ‘Ukraine: Update to Online Dataset.’ United Nations International Study on Firearm Regulation; Survey Questions 29-32.. Vienna: UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Division. 30 August

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Ukraine: Update to Online Dataset

Item 12.1 of the 'Regulations on the order of manufacturing, purchasing, keeping, register, transportation and use of firearms and their ammunition' states that owners must keep their firearms safe.

If there are more than 3 firearms, the corresponding room or safe must be equipped with an alarm.

Item 12.12 says that the firearms must be kept unloaded and dismantled at home in a hard metal or wooden safe with a solid lock. Ammunition must be kept in another place.

Some amendments were included by Presidential Order 61/93 concerning the use of special trigger locks.


The 1999 updated dataset of this study includes responses from 78 UN member states, and can be downloaded from the UNCJIN Web site as a database file.

A hard-copy version of the study with responses from 69 countries was published by the UN in August, 1998. This noted: "the estimated total population of responding States for the [data] year 1995 is almost 4.2 billion people, which represents 74 per cent of the estimated world population of 5.7 billion people."

The initial Draft Study tabled at the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Sixth session in Vienna, 28 April-9 May 1997 as E/CN.15/1997/CRP.6, included survey responses from 49 UN member states.

[Editor's note: The statistics in this United Nations report were supplied to the UN in 1997 by officials in each country. In the years since, a small number of these government figures have been contested by readers of In the absence of more recent statistics, readers are encouraged to use their own discretion. If readers can pinpoint original documents with more accurate data from a credible source, will cite those as well, or instead. Please provide a full document citation at:]

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