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In Estonia, More Than 50,000 Firearms are in the Hands of Private Individuals

Postimees (Estonia)

3 August 2018

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According to the Police and Border Guard Board, 26,000 people in Estonia have 54,000 firearms at their disposal.

The number of people holding a weapons permit is evenly distributed throughout Estonia. Where more people live, there are also more gun license holders. There are 10,312 holders of a weapons permit in Tallinn and Harju County, followed by 2,285 in Tartu County and 2,054 in Ida-Virumaa. The smallest number of gun owners is in Hiiumaa, the smallest county in Estonia, where 309 people have a gun permit.

Most people in Estonia use firearms for hunting. The most common type of weapon is a smooth-bore rifle in the hands of Estonian private individuals, there are a total of 20,026 such weapons in Estonia.

There are 14,296 rifles in Estonia, 3,379 rifles, 913 rifles, eight front-loading rifles and seven rifles.

Statistics show that the acquisition of firearms in Estonia decreased by almost a third last year compared to the previous year. If in 2016 the residents of Estonia purchased 1356 firearms, then last year the number was 946.

In 2016, 1,214 Estonian citizens, 62 people with undetermined citizenship, 52 Russian citizens and 28 citizens of other countries acquired firearms. In 2017, 858 Estonian citizens, 33 people with undetermined citizenship, 38 Russian citizens and 17 citizens of other countries acquired firearms.

Number of natural persons holding a valid or suspended weapons permit by counties:

Harju County - 10,312
Hiiumaa - 309
Ida-Virumaa - 2,054
Järva County - 627
Jõgeva County - 950
Lääne-Virumaa - 1,444
Lääne County - 568
Pärnu County - 1,978
Põlva County - 561
Raplamaa - 782
Saaremaa - 1,154
Tartumaa - 2,285
Valga County - 778
Viljandimaa - 1,182
Võrumaa - 1,029
Total: 26,013

Number of firearms of natural persons with a valid or suspended firearms license, by type:

Front-loading rifle: 8
Combined rifle: 913
Combined pistol: 7
Smooth-bore rifle: 20,026
Shotgun: 15,880
Shotgun: 14,296
Vintraudne revolver: 3,379
Total: 54,509

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