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Ukraine: New Regulation Allows Journalists To Carry Non-Lethal Handguns

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Prague)

29 January 2002

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A number of journalists have been murdered over the past decade in Ukraine, and hundreds have been attacked and beaten. But all that may change with the recent passing of new regulations allowing members of the press to carry weapons in self-defense…

The weapon recommended by the ministry is a modified version of the Makarov nine-millimeter pistol widely used by the Soviet army. The new pistol fires rubber bullets that are intended to deliver an attacker a disabling but non-lethal blow. Guns that fire a cloud of tear gas are also allowed under the new regulation…

According to official statistics, at least seven journalists have been murdered since Ukraine gained independence 10 years ago. But journalists say the actual figure is much larger and that additionally, hundreds of news workers have been shot or severely beaten in connection with their work.

In addition to the cost, journalists must also apply for gun permits and get certificates showing they have no major mental problems or drug additions. According to Interior Ministry guidelines, their editors must also submit information illustrating why the employee is at particular risk of attack. The ministry declined to say how many journalists have applied for permits so far.

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