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Record for Private Arms Purchases - Austria

Rekord bei privaten Waffenkäufen


7 January 2020

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A total of 64,870 handguns were sold, according to the Handgun Industry Radar, […] 4,620 more than in 2018. The general importers and trade agencies thus turned over around 55.7 million euros - "that was also a record."

There was a particularly significant increase in second-hand weapons: 25,870 second-hand rifles and 21,000 second-hand handguns changed hands, in both cases increases of over ten per cent.

The growth in new weapons was comparatively moderate: Sales rose by 1.4 percent to 18,000 units. Of these, 7,400 were rifles and 10,600 handguns. Rifle sales were primarily responsible for the growth, with an increase of just under two per cent, while handguns recorded an increase in sales of just over one per cent.

More Gun Sales in Austria

2020: 66,700 (forecast)
2019: 64,900
2018: 60,300
2017: 64,000

Over One Million Registered

According to the Central Weapons Register, around 1.08 million weapons of categories B and C were in private possession in Austria at the end of 2019, the industry radar market analysis said. Compared to 2018, the stock increased by around 56,000 pieces.

Around 47,000 weapons were deregistered, bringing the number of new registrations to just under 103,000. The difference between gun sales (64,870 pieces) and new registrations (103,000 pieces) is explained by "below-the-line business", sales or changes of ownership where no dealer is involved.

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