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What You Need to Know About Gun Laws and Ownership in Italy

Tough regulations for ownership

Local (Italy)

23 March 2018

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…Holders of a special Firearms Collectors' Licence can own a higher number of weapons, but are forbidden from using or moving them and from buying ammunition. In certain cases, they are required to house the weapons in a safe room that meets police specifications.

Having the purchasing licence doesn't permit you to carry the gun in public places or to use it, so for that, you need another licence. The three licences that allow you to do this are a hunting licence (allowing you to carry and use hunting weapons only during hunting season and within game preserves), a shooting sports licence (allowing you to transport unloaded guns to a shooting range or safe place), and a concealed carry licence (allowing you to carry a handgun for personal defence). The concealed carry licence is the hardest of the three to get: you need to prove a valid reason, such as working as a security guard or other at-risk profession, and renew the licence every year rather than every six, as for the other two licences.

There are further limits on the type of guns that are available for civilians to buy, and all military weapons and ammunition are forbidden…

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