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What You Need to Know About Gun Laws and Ownership in Italy

Tough regulations for ownership

Local (Italy)

23 March 2018

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…Before buying a gun, you first need to get a gun purchasing licence ( Licenza di porto d'armi o Nulla osta) -- this is also necessary if you inherit or are given a weapon. To be eligible, you must be over 18, have a certificate from a shooting range to prove you can safely use the firearm, have a clean criminal record, and state that you are not suffering from mental health or drug addiction problems.

And once you possess a gun, it must be reported to the Interior Ministry within a 72-hour period by going to a police station. Even with the purchasing licence, there are limits to the number of weapons and amount of ammunitions you can get: a maximum of three 'common guns' (this generally applies to handguns, but you can find a full definition here) and 200 handgun cartridges, for example…

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