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Cambodia, Thailand Investigate Arms Smuggling

Khmer Times

23 June 2017

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Cambodia and Thailand are now working together to investigate weapons being smuggled from Cambodia to Myanmar via Thailand after a cache was recently confiscated by the Thai military in Thailand's Trat province…

He said Myanmar had not had unity or peace in many areas despite elections taking place in that country and there were still many rebel groups fighting with the government.

"So I believe that those groups are seeking the weapons in order to build more forces against the government," he said.

Early this month, Thai military officers arrested a Cambodian man and a Thai air force officer after discovering a large number of weapons in a pickup truck in Thailand's Trat province. The discovery was only made after the pickup truck crashed on the Thai side of the border.

Officers found 29 assault rifles, four machine guns, 53 grenades to be used with M-79 grenade launchers and more than 4,000 bullets in the pickup, which was being driven by the air force officer.

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