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Ph Gun Industry: Small but 'World-class'

The Philippines' gun industry feels the heat of a gun ban but remains confident that its reputation in the international market will keep it alive and well this year

The Rappler

27 January 2013

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The gun industry is relatively small, with about 600 to 700 players composed of manufacturers, dealers, and importers - including those who act in all 3 capacities. This does not include about 100 shooting ranges that often double as dealers for arms and ammunition.

It is dominated by Armscor, Metro Arms and Shooters.

Armscor Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer George Chua told Rappler in a phone interview that in recent years, their company manufactured an average of 100,000 firearms a year.

Chua said at least 60% of these products are sent abroad as exports to 60 countries worldwide, including the United States. He added that Armscor also manufactures ammunition and exports it to countries like Thailand.

He added that the Philippines is still a small player in the international firearms market since many manufacturers abroad make millions of firearms every year.

Rodriguez said one of the Philippine-made guns is branded American Classic. Each gun retails for $564 to $796 or P22,560 to P30,560 per unit.

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