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How Many Guns are Legal in Thailand?

The "gun" is one of the weapons most commonly used by criminals to commit crimes in the southern border provinces and in other regions of Thailand.

Isranews Agency (Thailand)

8 December 2012

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2. Do the Ministry of Interior and related groups have a policy enforcing gun sales with barcodes in order to prevent crime? What is the policy? What are the statistics, from 2010 to now, around the amount of gun shops, the increase of approved shops year over year; what are the rules around this?

The Ministry of Interior does not have a measure to use barcode to enforce the sales of ammunition but has a project on a database of bullet heads in order to collect information on the history of guns that the registrar has licensed under the act for arms, explosives, fireworks and artificial weapons in [2490] by shooting the bullets from all allowed arms and collecting the bullet head and shelling.

After that they then use the IBIS (Integrated Ballistic Identification System) to add information to the database and is used to support investigations and crosscheck with offense records, and to help crime prevention for police and support the mission of the Ministry of Interior to ensure peace and stability in the nation

Statistics on gun shops and measures that are taken into consideration include:
- Ministry of Interior's measure 109/2535 for licensing gun shops, assembly, modification and repair shops and limit the amount of arms and ammunition for sale, on Feb 10, [2535] there was a limit on increasing gun shops, assembly, modification and repair shops and an effort to decrease the shops
- Ministry of Interior's measure 289/[2552], for licensing gun shops, assembly, modification and repair shops and limit the amount of arms and ammunition for sale, on Sep 8, [2552] which cancelled the measure from the Ministry of Interior in #1

Before the measure 109/[2535] on Feb 10, [2535] limiting gun shops and ammunition sales, there were 335 shops which got a license

After the measure 289/[2552] on Feb 8, [2552] there were 167 additional gun shops licensed.

Currently there are 502 licensed shops, including 381 licenses in Bangkok Metropolitan area, and 121 licenses in provinces outside of Bangkok. Considerations for licensing the seller, repairer or modifier follows the 289/[2552] measure on Feb 8, [2552].

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