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How Many Guns are Legal in Thailand?

The "gun" is one of the weapons most commonly used by criminals to commit crimes in the southern border provinces and in other regions of Thailand.

Isranews Agency (Thailand)

8 December 2012

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Selected statistics from Thai article:

II. The authorized import of arms from 2007-now, including 2 categories: short guns and rifles, sorted by year below:
a. 2007 – 61,112 guns including:
i. Short guns – 48,063 guns
ii. Rifles – 13,049 guns
b. 2008 – 64,978 guns including:
i. Short guns – 45,826 guns
ii. Rifles – 18,972 guns
c. 2009 – 35,589 guns including:
i. Short guns – 15,933 guns
ii. Rifles – 19,656 guns
d. 2010 – 80,730 guns including:
i. Short guns – 65,193 guns
ii. Rifles – 15,537 guns
e. 2011 – 21,102 guns including:
i. Short guns – 11,175 guns
ii. Rifles – 9,927 guns

[Editor's note: original article translated by from Thai into English]

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