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Firearms in Australia: A Guide to Electronic Resources

Background Note No.1 2007-08 [Web page with links to additional material]

Parliamentary Library, Federal Parliament of Australia

9 August 2007

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How many legal firearms are there in Australia?

[A]ccording to recent firearms data from the AIC, there are currently about 2.5 million registered firearms in Australia belonging to 731,567 individual licence holders. This compares to nearly 2.2 million registered firearms and 764,518 licence holders in July 2001 (AIC, Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No. 230: Firearms theft in Australia)…

The numbers of registered firearms by type are not regularly published, but some rough estimates can be calculated using data from the AIC report Firearms Theft in Australia 2004-05…

[I]t is possible to estimate that in 2004-05 there were approximately 192,000 registered handguns in Australia…

Firearm trafficking in Australia

[I]n 2005-06 for example, 'Customs seized 3,857 firearms, parts and accessories; and the Australian Crime Commission seized or quarantined 1,300 firearms… (Source: Answer to a Question on Notice from Senator Mark Bishop, Senate Debates, 19 June 2007)…

Government expenditure

- [U]nder the 2003 National Handgun Buyback program, approximately 70,000 handguns and more than 278 000 parts and accessories have been surrendered…

[AIC = Australian Institute of Criminology]

ID: N484

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