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For or Against Easing Gun Controls, Neither Side Wants an Israeli Second Amendment

Jerusalem Post

18 February 2016

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[T]o buy a gun, Israelis must obtain a license via the Public Security Ministry, which they can only get if they meet certain criteria, and can only buy guns at licensed gun shops.

Among the requirements are living in Israel for at least three years, speaking basic Hebrew, a minimum age of 21 for citizens who did army or civilian service, 27 for citizens who didn't and 45 for non-citizens, a signed doctor's note, and being properly trained.

Once an Israeli gets a license, he or she can only own one firearm, in most cases, and get a lifetime supply of 50 bullets that cannot be replenished.

Israelis can only get a gun if they have what is considered by the Public Security Ministry to be a good reason, such as if they work in security or law enforcement, or if they live or work in a settlement in which the state has an interest in arming some residents…

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