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Gendarmes Prepare to Fly In as Tribal Feud Erupts in Tiny Colony

Telegraph (UK)

24 September 2005

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Armed gendarmes were on standby to fly to one of France's remotest colonies yesterday as a feud between two tribal leaders threatened to erupt into violence…

A long-running challenge to the 46-year reign of the King of Wallis looks about to come to a head amid reports that the territory's sole airport was wrecked by armed protesters…

"Granted the unrest and the roadblocks, on which I have seen people carrying arms, I cannot afford the risk of putting public servants and school students at risk," the French prefect, Xavier de Furst, told a Pacific news service.

He said the airport was littered with tree trunks, breeze blocks and other debris, preventing New Caledonian police from landing to reinforce the 30 gendarmes on Wallis and Futuna.

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