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Need a Gun? No Problem in Dublin

An underworld arms trade is booming in Ireland's cities — with deadly results

Sunday Times (UK)

25 January 2009

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"It's new and has never been used. It's a clean gun," said the underworld arms dealer, as he handled the .357 Magnum revolver that he was offering to sell.

"This baby will set you back a few grand. If you want something different or more powerful, I can get you an AK-47, or a machine-gun pistol, but it will take time. There are a few AKs knocking about, but these will cost more and attract a lot of attention if found by the police."

The asking price for the stainless steel revolver, one of the most powerful handguns available and similar to the weapon used to kill two men in Dublin earlier this month, was €4,000. The ammunition came free…

The ease with which a revolver can be obtained is startling. After an initial approach to an underworld fixer last week, it took just three hours to "find" a revolver that was for sale…

Military rifles are also available with Kalashnikovs, the weapon of choice for terrorists across the world, not that difficult to acquire. These were once the preserve of the IRA but that is no longer the case, according to senior gardaí. "I am lost for words when I hear that Magnum revolvers are relatively easy to buy on the streets of Dublin," said Declan Power, a military analyst and former soldier…

Most of the illegal firearms on sale in Ireland are smuggled from Russia and eastern Europe, where they are easily obtained on the black market and cheap to purchase, explained Power…

Senior gardaí refuse to estimate the numbers.

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