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Firearm Owners Must License Their Weapons

Cayman Net News

1 December 2006

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[A]ll firearms owners should check the security of their safes, which need to be bolted to a sturdy wall or floor.

An essential requirement that is contingent to all firearms licensed holders is to have a secure safe that cannot be breached. An alarming device is also recommended. The safe should have two independent means of opening, whether by key or combination key and dial.

A dead locking bar should be on the hinged side of the door with at least a 1" diameter- locking bolt with an internal locker. Bolt down holes in the bottom of the safe is also preferred.

A police officer will visit the residence and physically check the security of the faculty used to store the firearms and give any advice that is needed.
Additionally, random checks will be made and those found to be in breach of the requirements will have their licenses revoked.

Should the police officer be unsatisfied with the security measures in place, any firearms will be confiscated and kept in police custody until the criteria is met…

ID: N169

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