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Prevención de la violencia armada, leyes sobre el control de armas de fuego y el comercio de armas pequeñas:

Noticias sobre las armas de fuego

Finlandia,Ucrania,Suecia,Dinamarca,Países Bajos

Firearms Supplied to Ukraine Found in Crime in Scandinavia

2 November 2022

YLE (Finland)

Organised crime is growing in Finland and there is a strong demand for weapons. Routes and connections from Ukraine to Finland are already in place. The police are hoping for resources to deal with the increasing workload caused by the war in Ukraine. Soldiers carry weapons in the woods. Europol, the European police agency, has warned that international criminals are trying to smuggle weapons from war-torn Ukraine to various EU countries. Photo by Yasuyoshi Chiba /... (GunPolicy.org)

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25 Years of Danish Shootings Mapped to the Smallest Detail

23 March 2021

Videnskab (Denmark)

Bang! A man aged between 20 and 24 shoots and kills another with a shotgun or a pistol. He shoots the victim from the front, hitting him in the head or chest, and the killing takes place indoors. If the victim is a man, it is probably gang-related; if it is a woman, it is probably the killer's wife or girlfriend. The above is not a murder mystery, but an attempt to reproduce what the average shooting in Denmark might look like. The macabre facts about shooting... (GunPolicy.org)

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Francia,Eslovaquia,Dinamarca,Bélgica,España,República Checa

Charlie Hebdo Killers Bought Their Guns Legally in Europe

18 February 2015

Euronews (France)

The automatic rifles used in the terrorist attacks in Paris last month may have been decommissioned weapons legally bought in Slovakia and reconverted to fire live ammunition, Euronews can reveal. French police are exploring whether weapons used in the deadly assaults on the Charlie Hebdo offices and at a Kosher supermarket were purchased in a shop inside the European Union, according to a joint investigation with the Slovakian Nový čas newspaper. The weapons are... (GunPolicy.org)

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Collector Busted in Denmark for Guns Without Permits

12 June 2014

Copenhagen Post

Police searching the residence of a 51-year-old man's home in Ringsted on Tuesday found a large arsenal of antique weapons for which the collector didn't have the necessary permits. Politiken reports that a total of 48 firearms were found: 20 pistols, 2 revolvers, 5 shotguns, 20 rifles and a machine gun. The search also uncovered 16,000 rounds of ammunition, gunpowder and a couple of hand grenades without detonators. The police emphasised that the man did not have any... (GunPolicy.org)

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Eslovenia,Malta,El Salvador,Dinamarca,Croacia,Hungría,Finlandia,Estonia,Francia,España,Italia,Bulgaria,Reino Unido,Alemania,Eslovaquia,Irlanda,Letonia,Rumanía

Methodists Welcome 18 Countries Ratifying Arms Trade Treaty Including UK

3 April 2014

Christian Today

The Methodist Church has praised the government's ratification of the UN's Arms Trade Treaty. The President of the Methodist Conference, the Reverend Ruth Gee, hailed it as a "legal milestone that should help to protect those who are abused and oppressed". Countries that ratify the treaty will be required to establish national arms regulators to control the exporting of conventional weapons and weapons components, and to properly regulate arms brokers. Domestic weapon... (GunPolicy.org)

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Italia,Reino Unido,Eslovaquia,Alemania,Rumanía,Francia,España,Bulgaria,Croacia,Malta,Dinamarca,El Salvador,Estonia,Finlandia,Hungría,Irlanda,Eslovenia,Unión Europea,Letonia

18 Countries Ratify UN Arms Trade Treaty

2 April 2014

Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS — Eighteen countries, including five of the world's leading arms exporters, ratified a landmark treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade on Wednesday, giving a significant boost to the campaign for the treaty's entry into force. The ambassadors of the 18 countries handed over the documents at a U.N. ceremony on the first anniversary of the General Assembly's adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty, which is aimed at stemming the global... (GunPolicy.org)

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Dinamarca,Europa de Sur,Europa Oriental,Noruega,Suecia,Croacia,Kosovo,Albania,Montenegro,Serbia

Balkan Police Work to Raise Public Awareness Against Arms Trafficking

25 October 2013

Southeast European Times

Increasing police co-operation and raising public awareness about the danger from firearms is the key to limiting the trafficking of illegal weapons in the Balkans, experts said. Civil society groups estimated there are millions of small and light arms that are widely available. "The significant number of circulating small and light weapons creates a fertile ground for the general sense of insecurity, vulnerability of citizens to armed violence and serious crime, with... (GunPolicy.org)

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Dinamarca,Finlandia,Países Bajos,Suiza,Alemania,Europa,Estados Unidos,Francia,Israel,España,Austria,Inglaterra y Gales,Unión Europea

Authorities Worry 3-D Printers May Undermine Europe's Gun Laws

17 October 2013

New York Times

PARIS — The gun fired four shots into a gelatin block. Each nine-millimeter bullet punched deep into the substance, which was meant to mimic the density of a human body. For the experts at the Austrian Interior Ministry performing the test, it was a clear sign: This was a deadly weapon. But it was no ordinary gun. The officials had downloaded the gun's digital blueprints from the Internet and "printed" the weapon on a type of 3-D printer that any person could buy... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos,Australia,Dinamarca

Danish Company Creates Programme to Block 3D Handgun Printing

2 July 2013

Copenhagen Post

Last year American company Defense Distributed introduced the first 3D printed firearm. Now an Aalborg-based company, Create it REAL, has created software that can recognise digital gun parts and block 3D printers from printing them. Defense Distributed, which operates out of Texas, claims on its website to have created the 3D gun for the stated purpose of defending the "civil liberty of popular access to arms" as stated in the US Constitution. The blueprints for the... (GunPolicy.org)

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Brasil,Islandia,Estados Unidos,Reino Unido,Dinamarca

Low Rates of Gun Homicide in Iceland Despite High Gun Ownership

16 May 2013

BBC News

Even though I grew up in New England, there was something novel about seeing an Icelandic blizzard. It was paralysing, with epic wind gusts that made snowflakes feel like razors. As I dragged my bags along Reykjavik's snowy pavement, an older man in a Jeep pulled alongside me. "You want to get in?" he asked. It sounded crazy. Why would I ever get in a stranger's car? Despite everything I was taught about riding in cars with strangers, I climbed in the backseat. And... (GunPolicy.org)

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Critics Say German Report on Weapons Exports Reveals Little

30 January 2013

Deutsche Welle

Critics says the government's report on arms exports lacks transparency: exporting companies are not named, and government sales are merely summarized. Yet the government claims it's in-depth and detailed. How is it that time and again military equipment "made in Germany" shows up in war zones, despite German government claims that it handles its weapon exports "restrictively" and that it maintains a broad ban on exports to countries with questionable track records for... (GunPolicy.org)

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Canadá,Japón,Suiza,Alemania,España,Reino Unido,Países Bajos,Dinamarca,Unión Europea,Francia

Firearms Worldwide: Really Different Laws Across Countries [FR]

18 December 2012

JOL Press (Paris)

[Translated summary: France: follows European policies - Denmark and Netherlands: total ban - United Kingdom: almost all firearms are prohibited - Switzerland: a more liberal legislation - the Japanese model: no firearm at all - Canada: the stormy debate on the right to carry firearms] La récente tuerie de Newton a relancé une fois de plus le débat sur le port d'armes aux États-Unis. Mais quelle est la réglementation dans d'autres pays du monde ? Petit tour... (GunPolicy.org)

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Only Danish Police, Gun Clubs, Hunters May Own Big-bore Airguns [DA]

25 April 2012

Berlingske (Denmark)

[Translated Summary: As of June 1st, ownership of airguns over 4.5mm cal will be restricted in Denmark. More than 240,000 Danes currently own larger-calibre airguns, and authorities are anxious to avoid US-style weapon availability.] Fra 1. juni er det ikke længere lovligt at eje og bruge luftvåben af en særlig kaliber uden at være politimand, medlem af en skytteforening eller jæger. Danmark må ikke ende med amerikanske våbentilstande, hvor stort set alle med... (GunPolicy.org)

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Swedish Customs 'Not Focused' on Weapon Smuggling from Denmark

5 January 2012

Local (Stockholm)

The Öresund bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, has long been known to be an important route for weapons smugglers to get their wares into Sweden. Despite this only seven illegal weapons were seized there over the course of 2011. "We have been mainly focusing on drugs," said Anders Trägårdh, head of operations at customs in Malmö, to daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN). The debate about the illegal smuggling of weapons has been given a new lease of life after a... (GunPolicy.org)

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Nordic Countries Set Sights on Stricter Gun Control after Norway Attacks

16 August 2011

Agence France Presse

STOCKHOLM — In the Nordic countries, where hunting is popular and firearms are plentiful, the twin July 22 attacks that killed 77 people in Norway have spurred lawmakers to consider tighter gun laws. But change will not come without resistance in a region where hunting is viewed by many as a cultural heritage passed down from Viking ancestors, and sport shooting is a favourite pastime. Finland, which has one of the world's highest gun ownership rates at 1.5 million... (GunPolicy.org)

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Noruega,Estados Unidos,Unión Europea,Dinamarca

Police Call for Stricter Gun Control in Norway

2 August 2011

Views and News from Norway

Calls are going out for stricter gun regulation and changes to the Norwegian criminal code after the terrorist attacks on Oslo and Utøya, with police, politicians and academics welcoming a debate. When such a debate will be able to occur is more uncertain, with the American police chief in charge of the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombings warning Norwegians not to be overly critical of police or emergency services at this early stage. The police have expressed a... (GunPolicy.org)

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Irán,Dinamarca,Alemania,Canadá,Estados Unidos

Gun Dealer's Stash of Military-style Guns Links Iran, Canada, US, Europe

26 July 2010

Seattle Times

Federal investigators will have six more weeks to solve the mystery of Oliver King. A federal judge in Seattle on Monday postponed the trial of an Iranian-born Canadian citizen caught in the U.S. with a huge stash of military-style firearms and ammunition until Sept. 20 in order to give investigators a chance to sort out the man's mysterious past in Iran, Europe and Canada. Prosecutors in Seattle are working with State Department and law-enforcement officials in... (GunPolicy.org)

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500 Illegal Firearms Seized from Gang of Danish Gun Enthusiasts

25 September 2009

Politiken (Denmark)

Northern Jutland police have infiltrated a major network of allegedly illegal weapons dealers and have confiscated 480 guns, among others firearms that have been used in the ongoing gang war in Copenhagen. Dept. Chief Superintendant Frank Olsen tells TV2News that 11 men have been arrested, adding that the men have denied trading in weapons, but have said that they have a big interest in firearms. According to the police, which terms the weapons discovery 'unusual',... (GunPolicy.org)

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Europe Hurries to Tighten Gun Laws After Mass Shooting Attacks

11 March 2009

Associated Press

HELSINKI — Several European countries have restricted gun laws in the wake of school massacres, gang violence and other gun-related crimes: - Finland announced plans Wednesday to impose stricter restrictions on firearms, including raising the minimum age for handgun ownership from 15 to 20. The proposal was prompted by two school massacres within a year in which lone gunmen opened fire on classmates and teachers. - Germany, where a gunman killed at least 11 people... (GunPolicy.org)

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Australians, Dane Among Gang Smuggling Guns from Yemen to Somalia

2 March 2008

Yemen Times

SANA'A — Two men, Abdi Othman Soli, 28, a Danish citizen of Somali origin, and Abdullah Awadh Al-Masri, 37, a Yemeni national, were found not guilty this week of smuggling weapons to Somalia in 2006. However, the court gave Al-Masri a three-year prison sentence for other charges such as working with and providing shelter for Al-Qaeda operatives and illegal weapons trading. Among other accusations, the two suspects were tried for smuggling anti-aircraft weapons and... (GunPolicy.org)

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