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Prevención de la violencia armada, leyes sobre el control de armas de fuego y el comercio de armas pequeñas:

Noticias sobre las armas de fuego

Unión Europea,República del Congo

Over 2.6 Million Ammo Rounds Destroyed in Republic of Congo

25 April 2013

Global Times (China)

More than 2.6 million rounds of unexploded ammunition have been neutralized by a non-governmental organization in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, to avoid a repetition of the deadly blast in the city last year. The action was taken in Brazzaville's Mpila district, where an explosion occurred at an arms depot on March 4, 2012, the European Union (EU) said in a statement released here on Wednesday. "The evaluation of the clearing and clean-up... (GunPolicy.org)

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República Democrática del Congo,República Centroafricana,Níger,Costa de Marfil,Malí,República del Congo

Towards the Support of Congo in the Fight against Small Arms [FR]

25 May 2012

Afriquinfos / Xinhua

[Translated summary: The representative of the Regional Center on Small Arms (RCSA), Marie Claire Bisamaza, reiterated the will of the organisation to support the Republic of Congo in implementing a National Plan of Action aiming at protecting the territory against proliferation of small arms and light weapons.] BRAZZAVILLE - La représentante du Regional Center on Small Arms (RCSA), Marie Claire Bisamaza, a traduit jeudi à Brazzaville, la volonté de son institution... (GunPolicy.org)

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Tailandia,Malasia,Indonesia,Kuwait,Qatar,México,Perú,Venezuela,Colombia,Bolivia,Somalia,Nepal,Omán,Letonia,Mauricio,Guyana,República Democrática del Congo,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Arabia Saudita,Liberia,Kazajstán,Singapur,República Dominicana,Jordania,Trinidad y Tobago,Emiratos Árabes Unidos,Guatemala,Honduras,Chile,Ecuador,Argentina,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Uganda,Tanzania,Senegal,República del Congo,Nigeria,Níger,Namibia,Marruecos,Mauritania,Malawi,Costa de Marfil,Egipto,Burkina Faso,Brasil,Túnez,Sri Lanka,Pakistán,Filipinas,Yemen,Estados Unidos,Italia,Alemania,Israel,Austria,Rusia,África,América,Asia,Europa,Sudáfrica,Argelia,Angola,Botswana,Ghana,Guinea,Madagascar

Brazilian Gun Industry Seeks New Markets: Africa and Asia [PT]

27 January 2012

Publica (Brazil)

[Translated summary: With the support of the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Brazilian gun manufacturers seek new markets in countries with a history of human rights violations: Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen. Brazil is among the six countries in the world with annual exports exceeding $ 100 million, according to recent research from Small Arms Survey. According to the Army, responsible for supervising and controlling exports from 2005 to... (GunPolicy.org)

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Austria,África Central,Angola,Burundi,Camerún,República Centroafricana,Chad,República Democrática del Congo,República del Congo,Guinea Ecuatorial,Gabón,Ruanda,Santo Tomé y Príncipe

Regional Efforts to Combat Illicit Arms in Central Africa: Kinshasa Convention - UN

21 October 2011

African Press Organization (APO), Media release

NEW YORK -- The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and the Permanent Mission of Austria to the United Nations will organize tomorrow a special event entitled "Enhancing Small Arms Control In Central Africa — The Kinshasa Convention" at the Permanent Mission of Austria. This event will promote this new sub-regional instrument to control and fight the illicit proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Central Africa. In September 2011, all eleven... (GunPolicy.org)

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Zimbabwe,Sudáfrica,República del Congo,Montenegro,Estados Unidos

US, Congo, Zimbabwe, Montenegro All Involved in Gun Running - Report

12 July 2009

Sunday Independent (South Africa)

Zimbabwe is not only stockpiling modern weapons, but is circumventing sanctions by exporting arms to the US via Eastern Europe, according to a report to be released this week. According to the International Peace Information Service (IPIS), a Belgian research hub, the situation in Zimbabwe is a good example of why the UN-proposed Arms Trade Treaty needs to be as comprehensive as possible. Throughout last year, when the political climate was at its most volatile, the... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Congo Pays US$200 Each to Buy Back, Destroy 3,000 Assault Weapons

4 March 2009

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILLE — At least 2,800 weapons recovered from ex-combatants in a three-week operation in the southern Pool region, site of several civil wars between 1998 and 2003, have been destroyed, according to a government official. "On Monday afternoon, in Kinkala, we incinerated some 2,873 weapons collected from ninja ex-combatants in the Pool region," Moandzibi Olingoba, the commissioner in charge of the economic reintegration of former fighters, told IRIN on 2 March.... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Congo Gun Amnesty, Buyback to Collect 3,000 Weapons for Destruction

13 February 2009

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILE — The Congolese government has started an operation to buy 3,000 weapons from ex-combatants and others illegally possessing weapons in the Pool region, southern Congo, an official told IRIN on 11 February. "Teams have been deployed on the ground. The operation to buy up the weapons started on 10 February in Pool region. It should allow the purchase of at least 3,000 weapons still in circulation in this zone," Moandzibi Olingoba, commissioner in charge of... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Congolese Troops Collect, Destroy Surplus Guns, Ammunition, Explosives

28 February 2008

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILLE — Armed forces in the Republic of Congo have begun to collect and destroy all weapons abandoned on battlegrounds in the country's civil war that began in 1997, as well as munitions that had expired but were still in armouries. The move follows President Denis Sassou Nguesso's declaration that 2008 would be "a year without illegal weapons in Congo". "Our duty is to collect and destroy all the equipment abandoned on the ground after the events of 1997,... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Illegal Guns Could Threaten Elections in Republic of Congo

2 April 2007

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILLE — Large numbers of illegally-held small arms remain in circulation in the Republic of Congo posing a security risk to the central African country which has been plagued by conflicts in the recent past, officials said at a meeting convened to discuss the problem. "Illegally-held arms remain one of the country's main problems," said defence minister Gen. Jacques Yvon Ndolou, at the meeting organised last week by the United Nations Development Programme... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Japan Funds Republic of Congo's Gun Retrieval, Disarmament Agency

28 February 2007

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILLE — The Japanese government and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have signed an agreement whereby Tokyo will provide a US$2 million grant to help the Republic of Congo's gun retrieval agency carry out its mandate. Some of the money will also support efforts to reintegrate former militiamen into society. "PCAD [the Project for the Collection of Weapons, known by its French acronym], which lies within the scope of the disarmament,... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Congo-Brazzaville Rail Disruptions Halt Gun Retrieval Scheme

23 November 2006

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILLE — A gun-retrieval effort launched in November 2005 in the Republic of Congo has been suspended because the agency involved has run into transport difficulties, an official of the government body said. Daniel Gassiélé said on Wednesday the state-owned railway company had been unable to buy equipment for the smooth running of its trains. Heavy rains have also been battering the country, severely disrupting rail traffic. This has made it difficult for the... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

World Bank Grant to Help Disarm 30,000 Congolese Ex-Fighters

4 January 2006

IRIN (UN News)

BRAZZAVILLE — The World Bank and the Republic of Congo (ROC) have signed an agreement for a US $17-million grant to disarm, demobilise and reintegrate 30,000 former combatants in the country. The agreement, signed on Tuesday in the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, falls $8 million short of the $25 million request the ROC made to the bank in February 2005, under the framework of the Multi-country Programme for Demobilisation and Reintegration. The World Bank... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Disarmament Campaign Needs Funding Urgently - UN

15 May 2003

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo — Disarming militias remains a large problem in the Republic of Congo (ROC), and a nationwide programme of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration is essential in the fight against the trafficking of small arms, a government report recommended. The report was presented to a regional seminar on the implementation of a UN action plan to eliminate the illegal trafficking of small arms, which concluded in the capital, Brazzaville, on... (GunPolicy.org)

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República del Congo

Gangs Swap Guns for Make-Up

28 January 2002

South African Press Association / AP

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo — For three years, Auguste Mbongo fought with the Cobras, one of the militias that would shell crowded neighbourhoods and shoot people just for being ethnically different during two devastating civil wars. Bodies rotted in the streets of the central African country, the living too frightened to come out and bury them. Rape and looting were routine. Today, however, Mbongo is in cosmetics. At 27, he is one of thousands of former fighters who have... (GunPolicy.org)

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