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Russia, China Provide Guns to Violate Human Rights in Darfur - Amnesty

9 February 2012


LONDON - Russian and Chinese arms are being used to violate human rights in Darfur region in breach of an "ineffectual" United Nations embargo, Amnesty International said on Thursday. Amnesty said Russia and China are supplying weapons to Sudan's government despite evidence they are being used against civilians in Darfur, where the U.N. estimates as many as 300,000 people have died since 2003 from violence, hunger or disease. "China and Russia are selling arms to the... (GunPolicy.org)

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South Sudan Disarmament Condemned by Civilians, Resulted in Insecurity

21 January 2012

Sudan Tribune (France), Opinion

It is extremely appalling to continually see the killing going on unabated in Duk Padiet for two consecutive weeks. The media puts death toll at 89. All these deaths are due to orchestrated violence by human action. It seems there is no immediate government gangbuster amelioration in sight for the people of Dukein who have been rendered defenceless through the disarmament process that took place in the area prior to independence. One thought such a bold move by the... (GunPolicy.org)

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Amnesty in South Sudan, Civilians Urged to Handover their Guns

16 January 2012

Sudan Tribune (France)

BENTIU - Forces from South Sudan's army, Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), have begun a disarmament campaign in Unity state's volatile Mayom County where rebels have been fighting the government. The South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) began it's rebellion early last year vowing to overthrow the Juba government because of its corruption, tribalism and nepotism. On Monday Mayom's Commissioner, Martin Machot Deng, warned citizens through state radio Bentiu FM 99 to... (GunPolicy.org)

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Stopping the Trade in Death, Gun Trafficking, Smuggling - Opinion

6 December 2011

New York Times, Opinion

On a dark November morning in 2004, I woke up in my bungalow overlooking Lake Kivu, tense with anticipation. Our small United Nations team was about to undertake a surprise inspection of three airfields in eastern Congo, notorious for smuggling operations. With the backing of U.N. peacekeeping forces and a U.N. Security Council mandate, we searched almost every incoming and outgoing aircraft that day. By evening, we had the evidence to link several aviation front... (GunPolicy.org)

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South Sudan Government in Fresh Battle to Disarm Civilians

27 November 2011

Radio Netherlands / ANP / AFP

One of Africa's longest-running wars left this land in ruins and battling a bitter legacy that threatens prospects for peace -- a stockpile of weapons spurring cattle raids and banditry. After seceding from the north in July, South Sudan begun a clean-up to rid civilians of arms taken up during the brutal two-decade civil war with the Khartoum army in the north. But despite the efforts, many continue to live in fear of rampant livestock theft committed by men who... (GunPolicy.org)

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2,000 Arms Collected in Sudan During Disarmament Programmes

8 November 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

LONDON — The Cueibet county commissioner has told the media that the Lakes state disarmament programme that began in September will begin its next phase after the completion of phase two on 3 November. On 5 November commissioner Isaac Mayom Malek told Good News Radio that the next phase will involve the confiscation of arms in the possession of those who retained illegal firearms in the previous phases. Malek disclosed that since 768 firearms have recently been... (GunPolicy.org)

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South Sudan's Army to Begin Disarming Civilians in Unity State

2 November 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

RUMBEK - South Sudan's army has begun deploying two battalions to carry out a disarmament campaign in Unity state this week. Since a 2005 peace deal that led the South Sudan's independence in July this year, former rebels, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), have been the official army of the region. Despite hostilities with north Sudan ending six years ago South Sudan remains insecure with various rebels groups and local people carrying weapons. The... (GunPolicy.org)

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Study Finds Again That Crime, Not War is Main Source of Gun Violence

29 October 2011

Associated Press

GENEVA — More people are killed by armed violence resulting from crime than are killed in war, with Latin America and a swath of countries through the middle of Africa among the hardest hit, an international study claimed Thursday. About 526,000 people die violently every year — or more than 1,400 people every day — according to the 2011 Global Burden of Armed Violence report. Only about 55,000 of those killed die in warfare, while an estimated 396,000 people... (GunPolicy.org)

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South Sudan Rebels Have New Chinese Assault Rifles, Says Swiss Group

26 October 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

KHARTOUM – Relatively new Chinese weapons have been seized from rebel groups in South Sudan, according to the Small Arms Survey research organisation. Arms captured from rebel fighters loyal to both Peter Gadet and George Athor included Chinese Type-56-1 assault rifles. South Sudan has repeatedly accused Khartoum of backing southern rebels in an attempt to destabilise the oil-rich nation, which became independent in July. Khartoum denies that it arms rebels in South... (GunPolicy.org)

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Rwanda to Lead Campaign Against Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons

20 October 2011

New Times (Rwanda)

Rwanda was, on Tuesday, elected to spearhead a regional campaign against illicit small arms and light weapons. The country was picked by delegates attending a ministerial council meeting of the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA), a grouping of 15 eastern and central African countries, dedicated to eradicating the proliferation of illegal arms across their borders. The meeting was held in the Horn of African nation of Djibouti. Rwanda was elected on the basis of... (GunPolicy.org)

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Tracing the Middle East Weapons Flow

19 October 2011

al Jazeera

Earlier this year, as mass popular uprisings spread through the Middle East and audiences across the world sat transfixed by images of unarmed citizens confronting iron-fisted security forces in the streets of Arab capitals, powerful governments from Russia to the United States were forced to begin accounting for the weapons they had for decades sold to the very rulers they now found themselves abandoning. In Egypt and Bahrain, protesters held up tear gas canisters... (GunPolicy.org)

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Only UN Can Offer Sustainable Disarmament of Civilians in South Sudan

12 October 2011

Sudan Tribune (France), Opinion

It's commendable that the government of South Sudan took upon itself the bold initiative ever to address the widespread insecurity in the country through an enforced nationwide disarmament campaign. However, six and a half years in the row the much applauded campaign has paradoxically come to stand as a testimony of the failures after failures incurred under the leadership of this system that never learns from its mistakes. Firearms make their ways from the... (GunPolicy.org)

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Onus Now on Kenya Government to Halt the Firearms Threat - Opinion

9 October 2011

Daily Nation (Nairobi), Opinion

Recent revelations that there are between 200,000 and 450,000 illegal firearms in circulation in the country are quite alarming. The government must move fast to ensure that this trend of events is put to an immediate halt. We believe that the country's porous borders are a contributory factor and the authorities must step up efforts to eradicate the menace. The National Small Arms Mapping Survey, a joint effort between the government and the Swiss-based Small Arms... (GunPolicy.org)

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Police Close Kenya-Somalia Border, Attempt to Block 'Conduit of Illicit Arms'

5 October 2011

Business Daily (Nairobi)

Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere's Monday order to close the Kenya-Somalia border has not affected flights, offering miraa traders and humanitarian workers a lifeline. Miraa is one of Kenya's largest exports to Somalia, accounting for a substantial share of the Sh13 billion export value to the country last year, according to the Economic Survey 2011. "We do not have any indication of cancellation of flights from the commissioner's communication," said Kenya Police... (GunPolicy.org)

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Over 2,000 Firearms Collected in Lakes State, South Sudan

23 September 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

JUBA — The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) division six commander in charge of disarmament in Lakes and Unity states, Marial Chanuong Yol, told press that disarmament is moving ahead peacefully. Yol said that 2,201 firearms have been collected in Lakes state since the disarmament campaign began on 7 September and the "surrendering of arms is still going on." Lakes state has suffered cattle raids, robbery and inter-clan disputes as well inter-state conflict... (GunPolicy.org)

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Hundreds Die in Gun Violence, Cattle Rustling in East African Drought

20 September 2011

Think Africa Press, Opinion

TURKANA, Kenya - On a recent trip to Turkana in northern Kenya, somewhere between Maralal and Baragoi we stopped by a dry riverbed. A group of 12 men came into view through the desert scrub. As they drew closer their weapons were clearly visible, a mix of AK47s, ex-government issue G3s and a few older rifles. Our nervousness was unwarranted and the group barely slowed as they passed, merely raising their hands in greeting before continuing on towards some distant... (GunPolicy.org)

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RECSA Calls for Increased Efforts to Reduce Small Arms in East Africa

16 September 2011

New Times (Rwanda)

The Executive Secretary of the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA), Dr. Francis K. Sang, has called upon all countries within the region to come up with more mechanisms and strategies to fight against the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons. RECSA is an intergovernmental body based in Nairobi, Kenya, bringing together 13 countries from the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa region. All member states that subscribe to the centre, including Rwanda, are... (GunPolicy.org)

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South Sudan Army Begins Civilian Disarmament in Lakes State

10 September 2011

Sudan Tribune (France)

JUBA — The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) which became the official army of the newly established Republic of South Sudan in July said on Saturday it has begun disarming civilians in Lakes state. The spokesman of the army said South Sudan's military is responding to an order by Lakes state governor, Chol Tong Mayay, requesting the SPLA in the area peacefully collect all types of weapons from the civilian population. Governor Mayay's order is a response to a... (GunPolicy.org)

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Africa: Analysis: How Best to Remove Guns from Post-conflict Zones?

28 July 2011

IRIN (UN News)

JOHANNESBURG - Cash for guns or buy-back programmes in post-conflict states have fallen out of favour as a method of ridding a society of weapons, and have been replaced by often elaborate schemes designed to remove money from the equation, but the debate continues as to the best way forward. The disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) community has grappled for years with buy-back practices and acknowledges they can have a profound effect on the nature of... (GunPolicy.org)

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Southern Sudan: Still 700,000 Illegal Firearms in Circulation [Fr]

2 July 2011

leJDD.fr (France)

[Translated summary: Southern Sudan will soon become the 193rd country on the world map, but all those years of civil war will not facilitate the development of the country. NGOs estimate that 700,000 illicit firearms are still in the hands of the population.] Le 9 juillet prochain, le Sud-Soudan deviendra le 193ème état sur la carte du monde. Une indépendance acquise de longue lutte avec son voisin du Nord. En janvier dernier, la population avait voté massivement... (GunPolicy.org)

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