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Prevención de la violencia armada, leyes sobre el control de armas de fuego y el comercio de armas pequeñas:

Noticias sobre las armas de fuego

Costa Rica

Costa Rica to Tighten Gun Control, as Gun Crime Rises

25 January 2013

Tico Times (Costa Rica)

Two years ago, 32 women, 48 children and 172 men were killed by firearms in Costa Rica. Those statistics glow from backlit posters on Avenida Escazú, southwest of the capital, and overlook highways in Curridabat, east of the city, emblazoned on giant billboards. "The goal is to inform people that firearms in general have a negative effect," said Randal Arias, director of the governance and justice program at Costa Rica's Peace and Democracy Foundation and manager of... (GunPolicy.org)

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Study Shows South America Gun Deaths More Likely in Cities [ES]

5 December 2012

Prensa Libre (Guatemala) / EFE News Agency

[Translated summary: A new study found that over 60 percent of gun homicides in Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador occur in large cities. ] GINEBRA - El informe titulado "Violencia urbana armada" señala que las capitales de los países concentran buen parte de la violencia, por ejemplo la Ciudad de Guatemala o Managua, que contabilizan un 42 por ciento del total de los homicidios armados a nivel nacional. El estudio, basado en cifras oficiales, revela también las... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica to Ban 'Hunting for Sport' in New Law to Protect Wildlife

3 October 2012

France 24

Costa Rica is set to be the first country in the American continent to ban recreational hunting after the country's legislature approved the popular measure by a wide margin. The bill, which bans hunting for sport but still allows culling and subsistence hunting, was approved late Tuesday by a 41-5 vote. Congress will revisit the issue on Thursday, but the second round is seen as just a formality. President Laura Chinchilla, who supports the measure, is expected to... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Authorities Regulate Security Companies' Guns

19 September 2012

Costa Rica News

One of the goals of the Ministry of Public Security (MSP) this year has been to ensure greater control of private security companies and agents who currently operate in the country. Last Thursday, September 13th, the Minister of Public Security, Mario Zamora Cordero, and the Director of Private Security Services of the MSP, Andres Olsen Villegas, presented a report about the actions that have been implemented this year to regulate private security operations. The... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica,Panamá

Costa Rica Police Lost 215 Guns to Thieves, Some Found in Panama

18 February 2012

Inside Costa Rica

A total 17 of the 215 firearms stolen from the Policia de Tránsito warehouse almost two weeks ago were recovered by Panamanian police. Jorge Rojas, director of Cost Rica's Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) said in a press conference on Friday that Panamanian police found the guns in a house and two unidentified suspects were in custody. Police also said they found us$11.000 in cash and empty bullet clips. Rojas said that Costa Rican authorities are in contact... (GunPolicy.org)

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Gun Trade Drives Soaring Latin American Homicide Rates, say Experts

24 November 2011


SAN JOSE — Illegal weapons trafficking has turned Latin America into a region of bloodletting in which over 40 percent of the world's homicides take place, experts warned Wednesday. "Forty-two percent of homicides with a firearm that happen worldwide take place in Latin America, though only 10 percent of the world's population lives here," said Nobel laureate and former president Oscar Arias, citing UN data, at a conference of experts. Although weapons such as... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Arming Yourself for Self-defence, the Trend in Costa Rica [ES]

25 September 2011

Veracruzanos (Costa Rica)

[Translated summary: The trend in Costa Rica seems to be to own firearms for self-defence. According to a recent survey, 60.3% of respondents answered 'yes' to the question 'Do you support the death penalty?']. La mayoría de participantes en una encuesta telefónica llevada a cabo el pasado miércoles por un canal de la televisión local, en uno de sus espacios informativos, expresó su apoyo a la ejecución de los delincuentes, un castigo abolido hace más de un... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Thieves After Guns of Security Guards to Commit Crimes

2 September 2011

Inside Costa Rica

Private security guards in Costa Rica are the new target of thieves looking to steal their guns to commit robberies. Carrying a firearm does not exempt a person from becoming a victim. Statistics that this year there have already been one too many cases of a death of a person victim of having their firearm stolen. One such case occurred in Tibás (north side of San José) a few months agon when a Tránsito (traffic) official was shot dead during the robbery of his... (GunPolicy.org)

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Most Guns Seized in Guatemala 'Come from Honduras' [Es]

19 July 2011

La Prensa (Honduras), Editorial

[Translated summary: Most guns seized in Guatemala come from Honduras, claims Public Ministry. Assault rifles, hand grenades, semi-automatic weapons, large caliber rifles as unconventional Barrett .50 caliber and AK-47, were part of the weaponry confiscated from the Zetas (dug cartel) operating in Central America.] Fusiles de asalto, armas automáticas y granadas buscan los criminales mexicanos en países centroamericanos para continuar la guerra que libran con la... (GunPolicy.org)

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Latin America to Test US Gun-Tracking System

6 January 2010

USA Today

MEXICO CITY — Police in Latin America will soon have access to a Spanish version of a U.S. gun-tracking system that could widen efforts to hunt down crime suspects and weapons traffickers. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said Wednesday that it is about to begin testing a Spanish-language version of eTrace, the computer system that helps police trace who buys U.S. firearms. "This is to allow the infrastructure to make it easier for law... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica,Naciones Unidas,Estados Unidos

Costa Rica's Arias Celebrates US Support for Global Gun Trade Treaty

20 October 2009

Daily News (Costa Rica)

President Oscar Arias is viewing the United States' interest in an Arms Trade Treaty as one more trophy to put on his wall. The disarmament advocate celebrated a statement made by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which announced the commitment of her country to the establishment of international standards for arms trading. Arias said the U.S. interest "is encouraging" because it represents "a radical" change from previously held positions. But it is also... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Gun-free Schools: Campaign Against Violence in Costa Rica [Es]

16 May 2009

Nación (Costa Rica)

[Translated summary: The President of Costa Rica launches a Gun-Free Schools campaign after 69 guns were found in primary and high schools in 2007.] Llamar al 911 y no tocar el arma son los dos primeros pasos que deben seguir los educadores cuando descubren a un alumno con un arma de fuego o punzocortante, como un cuchillo. En esa situación, el docente debe hablar con calma con el estudiante, sin amenazas, ni regaños, mientras llega la Fuerza Pública. Estos son... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Guns, Gun Crime Proliferate in Costa Rica, Warns Security Minister

26 February 2007


Costa Rica's Deputy Minister for Public Security Gerardo Lascarez on Sunday warned against the proliferation of firearms in the nation, which were used in around 5,000 robberies in 2006. Some 48 people were shot dead in Costa Rica resisting robbery, and another 24 robbery victims killed their attackers in self-defense, according to government data published in the La Nacion newspaper on Sunday. William Hidalgo, director of weapons at the ministry, said it was... (GunPolicy.org)

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At Least 90 People Killed in Latin American New Year Celebrations

2 January 2006

Australian Associated Press

SAN SALVADOR — At least 90 people were killed in Latin America in road, fireworks and other accidents during New Year's celebrations. The highest death toll was registered in El Salvador, where some 33 people were killed and another 89 injured during celebrations marking the start of 2006, officials said. Carlos Alvarado, a spokesman for the country's civil defence system, said that many of those killed and wounded from late Saturday to early Sunday were victims of... (GunPolicy.org)

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Costa Rica

Cabbie Shoots Bin Laden. Well You Would, Wouldn't You?

14 December 2004

Associated Press

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — Osama bin Laden take note: You wouldn't be safe in Costa Rica. A startled taxi driver shot and wounded a jokester wearing a plastic mask of the al-Qaida leader, police said Tuesday. Leonel Arias, 47, told police he was playing a practical joke by donning the Bin Laden mask, toting his pellet rifle and jumping out to scare drivers on a narrow street in his hometown, Carrizal de Alajuela, about 20 miles north of San Jose. Arias had startled... (GunPolicy.org)

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Central America: Civilians Armed to the Teeth

4 December 2001

Inter Press Service

SAN JOSE — There are more than two million illicit small arms and light weapons circulating in Central America, a region of 35 million, authorities and civil society organisations warned at a regional conference running Monday through Wednesday in the Costa Rican capital. The government of Costa Rica and the non-governmental Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress expressed their concern over the large number of firearms still in the hands of civilians, a... (GunPolicy.org)

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