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Prevención de la violencia armada, leyes sobre el control de armas de fuego y el comercio de armas pequeñas:

Gun Policy News, 5 September 2011


5 September 2011

Daily Star (Beirut)

BEIRUT - Residents of Deir al-Qamar urged security forces and judicial authorities Sunday to impose the strictest punishment on those who attacked locals, following a dispute that broke out during a basketball game over the weekend. The dispute between supporters of the Talaeh team of Deir al-Ahmar and Tawhid team of Jahiliyeh over the game's results escalated into gun fire when supporters of Tawhid, armed with knives, sticks and guns, attacked local residents. The... (GunPolicy.org)

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Montenegro,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Unión Europea,Serbia,Europa Oriental,Europa de Sur,Croacia,Kosovo,Albania

5 September 2011

Southeast European Times (Pristina)

The statistics about gun ownership regionwide are surprising and the results can be deadly. In Albania alone, for example, analyst Jonuz Kola estimated this summer that 6% to 9% of the population has a weapon in the home. Scores of accidental shootings occur, including that of a 9-year-old in Shkodra, who died at the hands of his 11-year-old brother on July 18th. Xhavit Shala, an expert within the Albanian Interior Ministry notes that in 1997, a considerable amount of... (GunPolicy.org)

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5 September 2011

Andina (Peru)

[Translated summary: The Special Committee on Public Safety of Congress approved a bill that proposing penalties, from 20 to 35 years of prison term up to life imprisonment, to those who commit crimes using firearms.] LIMA - La Comisión Especial de Seguridad Ciudadana del Congreso aprobó hoy un proyecto de ley que propone sancionar con penas de 20 a 35 años de cárcel y hasta cadena perpetua, a quienes cometan delitos con uso de armas de fuego. La iniciativa,... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

5 September 2011

Daily Mail (UK)

For most gun loving Americans, the election of President Obama brought fears of a clamp down on their hobby. But shockingly, new statistics show the President may just be the best thing to happen to the U.S. gun industry. The numbers show that since he took office, gun ownership in America has soared - with FBI requested background checks for new gun licences set to reach 15 million for the first time in their history. In another sign of America's new found love for... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

5 September 2011

Bloomberg (USA)

Rick Perry's emergence as the front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination would seem like a coup for the gun industry. The Texas governor's enthusiasm for firearms rivals Yosemite Sam's. He has an A+ rating from the Texas State Rifle Association and packs a laser-sighted Ruger pistol when he jogs. Last year, he famously shot a coyote that threatened his dog during a run. To commemorate his act of valor, the manufacturer, Sturm, Ruger & Co., produced a... (GunPolicy.org)

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