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Prevención de la violencia armada, leyes sobre el control de armas de fuego y el comercio de armas pequeñas:

Gun Policy News, 27 October 2002

Estados Unidos

27 October 2002

Sacramento Bee (California), Opinion

A sniper terrorizing Washington D.C. and surrounding counties has indirectly sent a political shiver up the spine of California's top law enforcement officer, a longtime advocate of gun control who suddenly finds himself a reluctant partner of the National Rifle Association. The NRA has been quoting a study by Attorney General Bill Lockyer's Justice Department that was strongly critical of so-called ballistic fingerprinting, the process that seeks to use computers to... (GunPolicy.org)

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27 October 2002

News.com.au (Australia)

Justice Minister Chris Ellison has rejected claims poor border controls were solely responsible for a proliferation of illegal handguns in the community. Senator Ellison said the problem was really a legacy of lax state laws. "Border control is an issue which certainly we accept as a Commonwealth responsibility and we are serious about that," he said on ABC television. "We are tightening border controls. This business about Australia's porous borders being... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

27 October 2002

Associated Press

TACOMA, Washington — Federal agents said Saturday they had found no records to indicate how the rifle used in the Washington, D.C-area sniper shootings got into the hands of suspect John Allen Muhammad. The gun arrived at Bull's Eye Shooter Supply in June, but the store apparently has no records indicating it was ever sold, said Richard Van Loan, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent involved in the search. Gun dealers are required to keep such... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

27 October 2002

Olympian (Washington)

WASHINGTON — The arrest of two suspects charged with murder in the Washington, D.C., area's deadly sniper shootings again exposed weaknesses in how the nation deals with illegal immigrants and enforces restraining orders designed to keep guns from people with records of violence. When Congress returns for a lame-duck session, lawmakers might focus on the shortcomings of both systems. But action will probably have to wait until next year or later. Advocates of... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

27 October 2002

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

WASHINGTON — The sniper attacks in the region surrounding Capitol Hill have energized attempts to expand the federal ban on assault weapons to prohibit semi-automatic rifles of the kind used to kill 10 people and wound three. The arrests of two suspects in the case brought palpable relief to an agonized community. But seizure of a Bushmaster XM-15, which police suspect was used in at least 11 shootings, only intensified debate about the legal availability of such... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

27 October 2002

Plain Dealer (Ohio)

WASHINGTON — A rifleman's deadly sniper attacks in the Washington area have revived interest here in tougher national gun-control laws — but not among campaigners in northern Ohio. Most of the noise is coming from Washington. A bill creating a nationwide database for tracing bullets back to gun owners, and a measure giving states incentives to upgrade criminal background checks of gun buyers, are getting a lot of attention after languishing most of the year. But... (GunPolicy.org)

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Estados Unidos

27 October 2002

Eagle Tribune (New Hampshire)

When film legend and National Rifle Association president Charleton Heston hoisted an antique rifle at a rally in Manchester last week, he stirred interest in an issue that has drawn little attention in New Hampshire campaigns this year. Despite one of the most watched U.S. Senate races in the country and a contest to elect the state's first new governor in six years, the issue of gun control and gun owner's rights has largely remained below the political radar... (GunPolicy.org)

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