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Prevención de la violencia armada, leyes sobre el control de armas de fuego y el comercio de armas pequeñas:

Gun Policy News, 27 August 1998

Nueva Zelandia

27 August 1998

Press (Christchurch), Editorial

Yesterday's shooting in Christchurch, in which police seriously wounded an armed man who had abducted a woman and threatened passers-by, shows all too clearly how dangerous firearms in the wrong hands can be. The incident came only a day after the Government proposed reintroducing registration of guns, abandoned in 1983. But it has ignored most of the recommendations of Sir Thomas Thorp, the retired High Court judge it asked to report on gun control. Military-style... (GunPolicy.org)

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27 August 1998

Associated Press

BRUSSELS — Belgian gunsmiths FN Herstal on Thursday denied Belgian media reports saying its new P90 super- strength handgun had already ended up in the hands of criminals. The small arms company said the semi-automatic pistol, which is currently in a testing phase, was purely aimed at the military markets, law enforcement agencies and anti-terrorist units and would not be sold to private persons. FN, owned by the Walloon regional government, specifically denied a... (GunPolicy.org)

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Nueva Zelandia

27 August 1998

Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

New Zealand has had more than its fair share of gun massacres, but for years governments have gone weak at the knees every time the issue is raised. In February last year, a disturbed young man, Stephen Anderson, took a shotgun from a cabinet at the family holiday-home in Raurimu in the Central North Island and killed six people including members of his family and their friends. He was found by the Armed Offenders police team shortly afterwards running naked through... (GunPolicy.org)

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