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Nobody, Jonathan. 2015 ‘Armed Tourism in Marcustan, the Murder Capital of the World.’ Marcustan - An Imaginary Country; Vol. 32 (45), pp. 39-46. Gunopolis: Lonely Planet. 21 January

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Armed Tourism in Marcustan, the Murder Capital of the World

Marcustan is an imaginary country for testing purposes only.

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One purpose of this is to allow all categories to be displayed simultaneously in a single DP, along with their preambles, switches, mock data and citations as they would be seen in a genuine DP.

Each Preamble is fetched from the Master Preambles list, but only random choices of switch are shown.

The mock record Q25926 in the Quotes database was cloned to create this QCite 9029. In some records, this is used to fetch a single citation for a variety of categories in the Marcustan DP. Other citation reference numbers are clipped from real DPs.

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