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Marshall Islands. 1983 ‘Firearm Control.’ Firearm Control Act (1983); Articles 1203, 1204. Majuro: Nitijela. 11 February

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Firearm Control

Article 1203

Subject to Section 1204 of this Act and notwithstanding any thing in the Weapons Control Act:
(a) an identification card shall not be issued under that Act with respect to a firearm; and
(b) on the prescribed date, all identification cards issued under that Act are canceled and cease to have effect.

Article 1204

(1) Subject to Subsections (2) and (3) of this Section and notwithstanding Section 1203 of this Act, if the Attorney-General is satisfied that:
(a) a person has a genuine need for a firearm of a particular type;
(b) he can be trusted to possess, carry and use a firearm of that type with safety to himself and others, and in accordance with the Weapons Control Act and any other applicable law; and
(c) he otherwise complies with the provisions of the Weapons Control Act relating to the issuance of identification cards in relation to firearms of that type, the Attorney-General may issue an identification card under that Act to that person in relation to a firearm of that type.

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