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Chetty, Robert (ed.). 2000 ‘Persons Holding More Than One Firearm Licence.’ Firearm Use and Distribution in South Africa; Table 20, p. 35. Pretoria: The National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) Firearm Programme. 1 February

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There are 662,140(12) individuals holding more than one firearm licence, involving a total of 2,231,822 firearms.

The above-mentioned individuals make up 32.7% of the total number of individual firearm licence holders (2,027,411), and the firearms held by these 662,140 individuals constitute 62% of all firearms licenced to individuals.

The table below provides details of the quantities of firearms in the possession of all individual licence-holders (as opposed to quantities in the possession of other licensees mentioned in Table 15):

Table 20: Licences Held by Individuals

Number of Individuals: Quantity of Firearms - Number of Firearms

1,365,271: 1 firearm each - 1,365,271
662,140: 2 or more firearms each - 2,231,822

Total: 2,027,411 individuals - 3,597,093 firearms

Over 13,000 individuals have more than 10 firearms registered to them. Apart from the purpose of being firearm collectors, reasons such as the following have also served to enable the acquisition of multiple licences:

- Securing of business
- Gift
- Target shooting
- Extermination of pests
- Hunting beasts of prey


12) CFR figure on 16 December 1999

[CFR = Central Firearm Registry]

ID: Q8780

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