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Gould, Chandre, Guy Lamb, Gregory Mthembu-Salter, Steven Nakana and Dennis Rubel. 2004 ‘Assessing the Extent of Civilian Ownership - Registered Firearms.’ Hide and Seek: Taking Account of Small Arms in Southern Africa; Table 6.17, pp. 195-196. Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies. 1 October

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A policy document issued by the Minister of Safety and Security in 1999 recorded that at mid-July 1999 there were 4 544 705 firearms licensed to civilian South Africans.(193)

Since then, the number of licensed firearms appears to have diminished by 809 029. According to the Central Firearm Register there were 3 735 676 firearms registered to individuals and institutions at the end of 2003…

Information about the nature of firearms licenced was, however, published in a report to the Minister of Safety and Security in 1999. Table 6.17 provides a breakdown of types of firearms registered up to and including 1998.

Table 6.17: Licences Issued per Category of Firearm, 1998(195)

Firearms: Registered at the CFR

Pistols: 1 942 550
Rifles: 1 286 628
Revolvers: 841 870
Shotguns: 453 486
Combinations: 19 847
Light Machine Guns: 179
Carbines: 80
Humane killers: 48
Homemade firearms: 13
Pen Flair: 2
Machine guns: 2

Total: 4 544 705


193) "Policy for the Control of Firearms in South Africa".

195) Report to the Minister of Safety and Security: Proposed Ministerial Policy on the Control
of Firearms in South Africa September 1999, p7.

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