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Pavesi, Irene and Christelle Rigual. 2013 ‘Annexes 8.2: Major Importers.’ Small Arms Survey 2013: Everyday Dangers; Chapter 8. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press and the Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 2 July

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Annexe 8.2: Annual authorized small arms and light weapons imports for major importers (annual imports of at least USD 10 million), 2010

Country: USD value, unless stated otherwise (rounded to the nearest million)

Afghanistan: At least 44 million***
Argentina: At least 20 million***
Australia: 132 million***
Austria: At least 48 million***
Belgium: At least 63 million***
Botswana: At least 14 million***
Brazil: At least 27 million***
Bulgaria: At least 10 million***
Canada: 172 million***
Chile: 11 million***
Colombia: At least 91 million***
Cyprus: At least 13 million***
Czech Republic: At least 20 million***
Denmark: 55 million***
Estonia: 56 million***
Finland: 21 million***
France: At least 114 million***
Germany: At least 160 million***
Greece: At least 13 million***
Indonesia: 52 million***
Iraq: At least 31 million***
Ireland: 10 million***
Israel: At least 57 million***
Italy: At least 68 million***
Japan: 31 million***
Jordan: At least 20 million***
Kuwait: At least 24 million***
Lebanon: At least 48 million***
Malaysia: 43 million***
Mexico: At least 56 million***
Morocco: At least 15 million***
Netherlands: At least 88 million***
New Zealand: 19 million***
Norway: At least 75 million***
Pakistan: 40 million***
Peru: 36 million***
Philippines: At least 32 million***
Poland: 41 million***
Portugal: 41 million***
Qatar: 40 million***
Russian Federation: At least 60 million***
Saudi Arabia: At least 74 million***
Singapore: At least 69 million***
Slovakia: 10 million***
South Africa: At least 14 million***
South Korea: 130 million***
Spain: At least 85 million***
Sweden: At least 35 million***
Switzerland: 53 million***
Thailand: 104 million***
Turkey: At least 33 million***
Ukraine: At least 16 million***
United Arab Emirates: At least 28 million***
United Kingdom: At least 180 million***
United States: 1.34 billion***
Venezuela: At least 28 million***


** For UN Comtrade data: excluding transfers contributing less than 1 per cent of the total annual value.

*** NISAT (2012); UN Comtrade (n.d.); ITC (2012). Customs codes: 930100 (military weapons), 930120 (rocket and grenade launchers, etc.), 930190 (military firearms), 930200 (revolvers and pistols), 930320 (sporting and hunting shotguns), 930330 (sporting and hunting rifles), 930510 (parts and accessories of revolvers and pistols), 930521 (shotgun barrels), 930529 (parts and accessories of shotguns and rifles), 930621 (shotgun cartridges), 930630 (small arms ammunition).

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