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Bolivia. 2013 ‘Illicit Trafficking of Weapons (Tráfico Ilícito de Armas).’ Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials Control Law - Act 400; Title 8, Chapter 5 (Article 141), pp. 18-19. Sucre: Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia. 18 September

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Artículo 141 Quater. (Tráfico Ilícito de Armas)

I. El que ilícitamente importe, exporte, adquiera, transfiera, entregue, traslade, transporte, comercialice, suministre, almacene o reciba armas de fuego, municiones, explosivos, materiales relacionados y otros, será sancionado con pena privativa de libertad de diez (10) a quince (15) años.

II. La pena de privación de libertad será de doce (12) a dieciocho (18) años si fuere miembro o partícipe de una Asociación Delictuosa.

III. La pena de privación de libertad será de quince (15) a veinticinco (25) años si fuere miembro o partícipe de la estructura de una Organización Criminal dedicada a este ilícito.

IV. La pena será agravada en un tercio del máximo, si el suministro fuera para fines ilícitos; y en dos tercios si se tratara de armamento militar o policial.

V. La pena será de treinta (30) años de presidio sin derecho a indulto, si el tráfico ilícito fuere realizado por personal militar o policial.


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Article 141 Fourth. (Illicit Trafficking of Weapons)

I. He who illicitly imports, exports, purchases, transfers, delivers, moves, transports, sells, supplies, stores or receives firearms, ammunition, explosives, and other related materials, shall be punished with imprisonment of between ten (10) and fifteen (15) years.

II. Imprisonment shall be twelve (12) to eighteen (18) years if the accused was a member or participant of a criminal association.

III. The imprisonment penalty shall be between fifteen (15) and twenty (25) years if the accused was a member or participant of a Criminal Organisation.

IV. The penalty shall be increased by one third of the maximum sentence if the supply was for illegal purposes; and two thirds if the weaponry belonged to the police or military.

V. The penalty shall be thirty (30) years in prison, without the right to pardon, if the illicit trafficking was carried out by members of the military or police.

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