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Brady Campaign. 2009 ‘State Scorecard 2008.’ State Gun Laws: Find Out Where Your State Ranks in Strong Gun Laws and Learn About Those Laws. Washington, DC: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. 8 February

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State Scorecard 2008

[M]ore and more states are pushing legislation to strengthen their gun laws. The [Brady Campaign's] 2008 state scorecards, which rate each state on the strength of its gun laws, are being released today for all 50 states…

No states got a better score for 2008 than for 2007. Five states saw their scores drop: Florida, Georgia and Louisiana for passing laws forcing employers to allow employees to bring guns into workplace parking lots, and two states, West Virginia and Wyoming, for passing so-called "Shoot First" laws that authorize deadly force in public against a perceived threat even if ways to avoid the threat are available.

The scores range from a mere two points out of a hundred - in Kentucky, Louisiana and Oklahoma - to a score of 79 for California. Other high scores include those for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and New York…

The Brady Scorecards are designed so that states can score up to 100 points across five major categories of laws: Curbing Firearm Trafficking; Strengthening Brady Background Checks; Child Safety; Banning Military-style Assault Weapons; and making it harder to carry Guns In Public Places…

2008 Brady Campaign State Scorecard

State: Overall points (100 points)

Alabama: 15
Alaska: 4
Arizona: 6
Arkansas: 6
California: 79
Colorado: 16
Connecticut: 54
Delaware: 22
Florida: 6
Georgia: 7
Hawaii: 43
Idaho: 6
Illinois: 28
Indiana: 8
Iowa: 16
Kansas: 7
Kentucky: 2
Louisiana: 2
Maine: 12
Maryland: 53
Massachusetts: 54
Michigan: 22
Minnesota: 11
Mississippi: 5
Missouri: 4
Montana: 8
Nebraska: 10
Nevada: 10
New-Hampshire: 11
New-Jersey: 63
New-Mexico: 6
New-York: 51
North-Carolina: 20
North-Dakota: 4
Ohio: 13
Oklahoma: 2
Oregon: 18
Pennsylvania: 26
Rhode-Island: 47
South-Carolina: 9
South-Dakota: 6
Tennessee: 7
Texas: 9
Utah: 4
Vermont: 9
Virginia: 18
Washington: 18
West-Virginia: 4
Wisconsin: 12
Wyoming: 9

[Editor's Note: These rankings are subjective, and rely on the authors' assessment of effective regulation to prevent armed violence.]

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