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Hoyert, Donna L. and Jiaquan Xu. 2012 ‘Deaths: Preliminary Data for 2011 - Selected Causes.’ National Vital Statistics Reports (NVSS); Vol. 61, No. 6, pp. 40-42. Hyattsville, MD: US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control Prevention, Division of Vital Statistics. 10 October

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Table 2. Deaths, death rates, and age-adjusted death rates for 113 selected causes, Injury by firearms, Drug-induced deaths, Alcohol-induced deaths, Injury at work, and Enterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile: United States, final 2010 and preliminary 2011

[Data are based on a continuous file of records received from the states. Rates per 100,000 population. Age-adjusted rates are per 100,000 U.S. standard population; see "Technical Notes." For explanation of asterisks (*) preceding cause-of-death codes; see "Technical Notes." Figures for 2011 are based on weighted data rounded to the nearest individual, so categories may not add to totals or subtotals]

Year - Cause of death - Number - Rate

2011 - Accidental discharge of firearms (W32-W34) - 851 - 0.3

2011 - Intentional self-harm (suicide) (*U03,X60-X84,Y87.0) - 38,285 - 12.3
2011 - Intentional self-harm (suicide) by discharge of firearms (X72-X74) - 19,766 - 6.3

2011 - Assault (homicide) (*U01-*U02,X85-Y09,Y87.1) - 15,953 - 5.1
2011 - Assault (homicide) by discharge of firearms (*U01.4,X93-X95) - 11,101 - 3.6

2011 - Discharge of firearms, undetermined intent (Y22-Y24) - 222 - 0.1

2011 - Injury by firearms (*U01.4,W32-W34,X72-X74,X93-X95,Y22-Y24,Y35.0)[10] - 32,163 - 10.3

[10] Included in selected categories above.

NOTES: For certain causes of death such as unintentional injuries, homicides, suicides, and respiratory diseases, preliminary and final data differ because of the truncated nature of the preliminary file. Data are subject to sampling or random variation. For information regarding the calculation of standard errors and further discussion of the variability of the data, see "Technical Notes."

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