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Kohli, Anil, Aaron Karp and Sonal Marwah. 2011 ‘Fatality Rate.’ Mapping Murder: The Geography of Indian Firearm Fatalities; IAVA Issue Brief No. 2, p. 2. New Delhi: India Armed Violence Assessment / IAVA and the Small Arms Survey, Geneva. 20 September

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Fatality Rate

Compared to firearm fatality rates in much of the world, India's are not particularly high. In 2008, India officially reported a national firearm murder rate of 0.36 per 100,000 people (NCRB, 2009a, p. 60). Equivalent to roughly one-tenth of the rate of firearm murders in the United States, India's rate is instead comparable to much of Europe's (GunPolicy, n.d).

But Indian national statistics reveal extreme variations across states and cities. While no place in India - even among the most conflict-ridden regions - approaches the levels of violence found in the worst-affected parts of the world, the situation is much worse in some areas than in others.

[Source: NCRB. 2009a. Crime in India: 2008. New Delhi: NCRB, Ministry of Home Affairs.]

[NCRB = National Crime Records Bureau]

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