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South Africa. 2004 ‘Safes and Safe Custody.’ Firearms Control Regulations, 2004; Chapter 10 (Section 86). Pretoria: Department of Safety and Security. 26 March

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86. Safes and Safe Custody

12) A lock-away safe, apparatus, device and instrument for safe custody of a firearm or ammunition, must to the satisfaction of the Registrar comply with the following requirements:
a) be manufactured from steel of at least 2 mm thick;
b) be capable of enclosing or covering the firearm concerned wholly;
c) have an effective integral locking mechanism;
d) have a hinge mechanism for the cover or lid thereof which shall ensure that when the locking pin thereof is removed, the cover or lid shall not be capable of being opened or removed;
e) have a facility with the aid or use of which the lock-away safe, apparatus, device or instrument may be securely affixed to another structure such as a wall or a floor, or the body of a vehicle; and
f) in the case of a lock-away safe used as contemplated in sub-regulation (5) if such safe can only be locked or opened with two or more keys that have to be used jointly.

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