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Viotti, Ribeiro, Maria Luiza, Raymond Debell and Pawel Tarnawski. 2010 ‘Transparency and Traceability Challenges for Mineral Supply Chains from the Eastern Part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.’ Final Report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo S/2010/596; Section VIII. New York, NY: United Nations. 29 November

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Transparency and Traceability Challenges for Mineral Supply Chains from the Eastern Part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

One of the main factors enabling the uncontrolled traffic of goods, including those related to the embargo, is the weak organization of air transport, inadequate airspace control and limited control and security in airports and on airstrips…

286. Typically in the eastern area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Group has observed planes unloaded by people without identity badges who leave the airport unchecked. The Group has observed passengers, who were often soldiers or their families, then travel with the transported goods. Airport staff interviewed by the Group said that they considered some cargoes "untouchable" because of the political or military status of their consignees. Lack of control over airspace is aggravated by the fact that the territory is not covered by radar, which means that it is possible that illegal flights are occurring without the knowledge of the authorities.

287. In Ituri, private flights arriving in Bunia from the gold mines of Doko and Watsa are not subject to checks. Onward exports to Uganda are declared to authorities who do not have the right to inspect such goods. The Group was informed of the transport of ammunition and military equipment to the FPJC militia by helicopter during the night of 22 May around Reti, Binjo and Bule in Nzungu territory (east of Bunia), but has not been able to verify this information. According to one person interviewed by the Group who claimed to be a witness, the serial numbers of the helicopter, which departed in the direction of Lake Albert, were hidden.

[ADF = Allied Democratic Forces; FPJC = Front populaire pour la justice au Congo]

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