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Papua New Guinea. 1978 ‘Forfeiture of Tools, Premises, etc..’ Firearms Act (1978); Part III (Section 7B). Port Moresby: National Parliament. 1 January

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7B. Forfeiture of Tools, Premises, etc.

(1) In this section, "premises" includes –
(a) any dwelling house, office, warehouse, shop or store; and
(b) any building or structure; and
(c) any factory, garage, workshop or hanger; and
(d) any pavilion, tent or caravan; and
(e) any enclosed yard, garden or area; and
(f) any aircraft, vehicle or vessel,
and any part of such premises.

(2) Where a court has convicted a person of an offence against Section 7A and
the court is satisfied that –
(a) equipment, tools and/or materials used in the commission of the offence; or
(b) the premises in or on which the offence was committed,
is or are –
(c) owned by the person convicted; or
(d) owned by a person other than the person convicted and the owner was aware that the equipment, tools, materials and/or premises was or were used or to be used or liable to be used in the commission of the offence,

the court may, in addition to any other penalty it imposes in accordance with this
Act, order that equipment, tools, materials and/or premises be forfeited to the State.

(3) Equipment, tools, materials and/or premises forfeited under Subsection (2)
become or becomes the property of the State and may be sold or otherwise disposed of by the State.

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