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Mexico. 2015 ‘Cases, Conditions, Requirements and Places for the Carrying of Arms.’ Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives of January 11, 1972 - Last amended in 2015 (Ley Federal de Armas y Explosivos del 11 de enero de 1972 - Última reforma publicada en 2015); Article 26. Mexico City: Congress of Mexico. 12 November

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Cases, Conditions, Requirements and Places for the Carrying of Arms

Article 26

The particular license for the carrying of arms will individuals for private individuals, or collective for legal entities, and may be issued when there is compliances with the following requirements:

I. In the case of private individuals:

A. Have an honest living;
B. Have completed the obligations of National Military Service;
C. Not have physical or mental impairment for the use of arms;
D. Not have been convicted of crimes committed with arms;
E. Do not uses drugs, enervating or psychotropic, and
F. Prove, at the discretion of the Secretary of Defense, the need to carry arms for:
a) The nature of his occupation or employment, or
b) Special circumstances of the place where he lives, or
c) Any other justifiable reason.

There may also be issued particular licenses, for one or several arms, for sporting activities, either shooting or hunting, only if those involved are members of some registered club or association and meet with the requirements set out in the first five paragraphs of this section.

II. In the case of legal entities:

A. Being constituted in accordance with Mexican laws.
B. For private security services:
a) Have authorization to function as a private security service, and
b) Have the favorable opinion of the Secretary of the Interior of justification of the need for the carrying of arms, and limits of number and characteristics of the arms, as well as places of utilization.
C. As for other legal entities, when the circumstances warrant, in the judgment of the Secretary of National Defense, for internal security services and the protection of his installations; according to the prescriptions, controls and supervision determined by the Secretary.
D. Prove that those who carry weapons comply with the provisions of the first five points of Section I above.

With prior authorization from the Ministry of National Defense, the title-holders of collective licenses, will be issued personal identification credentials, which contain the dates on the collective license and shall be renewed biennially.*

The time limit for issuing individual and collective licenses will of fifty working days, counted from the formal application.

[Unofficial translation by David B. Kopel and Ruben Medardo Tapia, 15 February 2009, based on the Mexican Government's 2004 reform]

[Note: In Mexico, and according to the Military Service Act of 1998, the legal age for military service is 18 years.]

[*Correction: The original text of the last but one paragraph of the second section says that licences shall be renewed half-yearly. Original text: "Previa autorización de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional, los titulares de las licencias colectivas, expedirán credenciales foliadas de identificación personal, que contendrán los datos de la licencia colectiva y se renovarán semestralmente."]

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