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Namibia. 1994 ‘Powers of Minister in Relation to Import and Export of Goods.’ Government Gazette - Promulgation of Import and Export Control Act, 1994 (Act 30 of 1994); Section 2. Windhoek: Parliament of the Republic of Namibia. 30 November

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Powers of Minister in Relation to Import and Export of Goods

2. (1) The Minister may, whenever it is necessary or expedient in the public interest, by notice in the Gazette prohibit -

(a) the import into or the export from Namibia; or
(b) the import into or the export from Namibia, [except] under the authority of and in accordance with the conditions stated in a permit issued by the Minister or by a person authorised by him or her,

of any good of a class or kind specified in such notice or of any goods other than goods of a class or kind specified in such notice.

(2) For the purpose of subsection (1) goods may be classified also according to the source or origin or the intermediate or final destination thereof or according to the channels along which or manner in which they are imported or exported or according to the purposes for which they are intended to be used.

(3) A permit issued under subsection (I) may prescribe the quantity or value of goods which may be imported or exported thereunder, the price at which, the period within which, the port through or from which, the country or territory from or to which and the manner in which the goods may be imported or exported, and such other conditions as the Minister may direct, including any condition relating to the possession, ownership or disposal of goods after the import thereof or to the use to which they may be put.

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