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SEESAC. 2006 ‘SALW Problem - Trafficking.’ South Eastern Europe Small Arms and Light Weapons Monitor, 2006, pp. 45-46. Belgrade: South Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons / SEESAC and Saferworld. 1 January

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SALW Problem - Trafficking
[SALW = Small arms and light weapons]

An associated and potentially more serious problem is the illicit cross-border trade in SALW, a topic that featured regularly in Croatia's media during 2005/6, with some stories alleging the involvement of registered SALW producers and law enforcement officers in trafficking on more than one occasion. For example, in late 2005, owners of the firm HS Produkt, Ivan Žapčić and Marko Vuković were brought before a Croatian court along with a Customs Officer, Pero Antunović, accused of having co-operated to smuggle 3,810 units of HS-2000 small arms to overseas buyers…

Unfortunately, cases such as these have continued to feature in the Croatian media from the 1990s onwards. Even allowing for the occasional inaccuracy of media reports, the repetitive occurrence of such stories serves to indicate that trafficking rings established during the wars of the 1990s remain operational.

As recently as April 2006, Croatian police uncovered a sizeable cross-border trafficking ring with contacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

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