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Moreau, Virginie, Cédric Poitevin and Jihan Seniora. 2010 ‘Comparison of the Main Regulatory Aspects Examined - DRC.’ Arms Transfer Controls: The Example of French-Speaking States in Sub-Saharan Africa; Annex III (Tables I, II, III), pp. 19-24. Brussels: Groupe de Recherche et d'Information sur la Paix et la Sécurité (GRIP). 1 May

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Comparison of the Main Regulatory Aspects Examined - DRC
[DRC = Democratic Republic of the Congo]

National Legislation Studied
- Decree law No. 85 035 of 3 September 1985 on the system for arms and ammunition
- Decree law No. 85 212 of 3 September 1985 on measures for implementing

Table of National Regulation

Date of legislation: 1985 and 1985 (application text)
Category of arms: "Arms and ammunition of any kind"
- Import: yes
- Export: yes
- Transit: yes
- Brokering: no
Authority responsible: State Commissioner for territorial administration; State Commissioner for national defence if they are military weapons

- Imports of military arms and their ammunition prohibited, except for special dispensation by the President (this ban does not apply to equipment for the armed forces and police)
- Export authorisations for bladed weapons, hunting weapons, sport or personal protection

Table of Operational Mechanisms

- Approval: yes
- Licence: yes
- Decision Making Process: no
- Operational Criteria: no
- Approval: no
- Licence: yes
- Decision Making Process: no
- Operational Criteria: no
- Approval: no
- Licence: yes
- Decision Making Process: Transit on the territory of the DRC is subject to a declaration on the state using the arms; The President of the DRC can refuse transit if it presents any territorial risk
- Operational Criteria: no

- Model of import authorisation (unavailable)
- Imports through official Customs offices
- Conditions incumbent on the operator: age and proof of good character
- Transit: packaging conditions required for transiting arms and ammunition across national territory

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