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Namibia. 1996 ‘Disposal of Arms in Possession Of or Taken From Person Dealt With Under Section 10.’ Promulgation of Arms and Ammunition Act, 1996 (Act No.7 of 1996 - as of 2005); Chapter 2 (Section 12), pp. 13-14. Windhoek: Parliament of Namibia. 11 June

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12. Disposal of Arms in Possession of or Taken From Person Dealt With Under Section 10

(1) Subject to sections 29 and 44, any person shall, as soon as possible after having been informed that he or she has been declared or is deemed to have been declared under this Chapter to be unfit to possess an arm, surrender to the member of the Police in charge of police station-

(a) all licences, authorizations or permits to possess arms and ammunition issued to him or her under this Chapter or section 44(4) or any law repealed by this Act;
(b) all permits issued to him or her which are deemed under section 24 to be licences to possess arms;
(c) all arms in respect of which such licences, authorizations or permits have been issued;
(d) all ammunition in his or her possession belonging to him or her,

in return for which that member shall issue a receipt to him or her.

(2) The Inspector-General shall -
(a) at the request of a disqualified person and within such period as may be fixed by the Minister, hand over any arm seized under section 10(2) belonging to such person or any arm or ammunition surrendered by him or her in terms of subsection (1) of this section, to the holder of licence issued under section 3 to possess that arm or to a licensed dealer; or

(b) after the expiration of the said period -
(i) sell, in such manner as the Minister may direct, any arm or ammunition referred to in paragraph (a), which has not been handed over as aforesaid, and shall pay over the proceeds of the sale, after deduction of the expenses incidental thereto, to the disqualified person; or
(ii) if the arm could not be sold in accordance with subparagraph (i), pay over an amount equal to the fair market value, after deduction of the said expenses, to the disqualified person, whereafter such arm or ammunition shall become the property of the State.

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