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Namibia. 1996 ‘Definitions.’ Promulgation of Arms and Ammunition Act, 1996 (Act No.7 of 1996 - as of 2005); Preliminary (Section 1), pp. 4-7. Windhoek: Parliament of Namibia. 11 June

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1. Definitions

"ammunition" means:

The Complete cartridge including the cartridge case, unfired primer, propellant, bullets, and projectiles that are used in a firearm, provided those components are themselves subject to authorisation in the respective State Party.

"brokering" means:

(a) Acting for a commission, advantage or cause, whether pecuniary or otherwise; or

(b) To facilitate the transfer, documentation or payment in respect of any transaction relating to the buying or selling of firearms, ammunition or other related materials and thereby acting as intermediary between any manufacturer or supplier of, or dealer in, firearms, ammunition and other related materials, and buyer or recipient thereof…

"firearm" means:

(a) Any portable lethal weapon that expels, or is designed to expel, a shot, bullet or projectile by the action of burning propellant, excluding antique firearms or their replicas that are not subject to authorisation in respective State Parties

(b) Any device, which may be readily converted into a weapon, referred to in paragraph (a)

(c) Any small arm, as defined in Article 1 of the SADC protocol on the control of firearms, ammunition and other related materials

(d) Any light weapons, as defined in Article 1 of the SADC protocol on the control of firearms, ammunition and other related materials

"fit and proper" means:

A person is stable and responsible. That is, s/he is not violent, or involved in domestic violence or abuse or dependent on alcohol or narcotics…

"small arms" includes:

Light machine guns, sub-machines guns, including machine pistols, fully automatic rifles, assault rifles, and semi-automatic rifles…

"machine gun" or "machine rifle" includes any firearm capable of delivering a continuous fire for so long as pressure is applied to the trigger thereof, whether or not that firearm was originally designed to function in that manner…

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