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Moldova. 1994 ‘Issuing Permits to Acquire Weapons to Physical Persons.’ Republic of Moldova - Weapons Law [Act as of 2003]; Section IV (Article 26). Chisinau: Republic of Moldova Parliament. 18 May

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Issuing Permits to Acquire Weapons to Physical Persons

Physical persons wishing to purchase a weapon to be privately owned by them, shall apply to the police authorities in their place of residence. The police authorities shall make the decision on issuing the permit for acquiring the weapon and ammunition therefore within two months.

Permits shall not be issued (and the issued permits shall be revoked) to persons:
a) who have a mental illness and are in the records of health care institutions;
b) who have systematically broken public order, abused alcoholic drinks or used narcotic (toxic) substances for non-medical purposes;
c) whose previous sentences have not been overturned in accordance with the legislation;
d) who have committed serious premeditated crimes with the use of firearms, explosives or toxic substances;
e) sentenced to prison sentences, including suspended, with forced labour, for committing premeditated crimes;
f) persons released on parole from the correctional institution where he/she served a sentence with forced labour;
g) persons administratively punished due to poaching or some other illegal use of weapons;
h) persons who previously acquired a weapon but lost it due to their own fault.
i) the citizens of Moldova with permanent residence abroad, unless otherwise provided for by international agreements.

Local police authorities shall make operational records of weapons and ammunition therefore, which are purchased to be privately owned. The information firearm acquisition shall be delivered within 24 h to the Ministry of the Interior, for the purposes of entering them into the State Weapons Register.

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