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Tanzania. 2001 ‘Grant of Licence to Carry or Possess Arms or Ammunition.’ The Arms and Ammunition Act, Chapter 223, No.19 of 2007; Part II (Section 5). Dar es Salaam: Ministry of Home Affairs. 4 May

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Grant of Licence to Carry or Possess Arms or Ammunition

5.-(1) The Minister shall, by order published in the Gazette, appoint a person, a public officer or department of Government to be the Arms Authority for the purposes of this Act.

[According to Section 3 of this Act, 'Minister' means the Minister of Home Affairs]

(2) The Arms Authority may –
(a) grant to any person a licence either –
(i) to carry arms and ammunition;
(ii) to have arms and ammunition in his possession; or
(iii) to do both, subject to such conditions as he may deem fit;
(b) renew any such licence and, in respect of it, grant days of grace not exceeding fifteen in number if he considers it necessary or expedient so to do; and
(c) cancel any such licence.

(3) Unless in any particular case the Arms Authority otherwise directs, the licence granted under subsection (2) shall –
(a) be issued or renewed for a limited period only;
(b) be made out in the name of the grantee;
(c) bear a number and the dates of issue, or renewal, and expiry;
(d) not be transferable; and
(e) specify the arms and ammunition which it covers.

(4) An appeal to the Minister shall lie from any refusal by the Arms Authority to grant or renew such licence or in respect of the cancellation by it of any such licence.

(5) The Minister may, by notice published in the Gazette determine the fee payable for the arms licence.

(6) The Arms Authority may in his discretion –
(a) issue a written exemption to any person from the provisions of this section and such exemption may be –
(i) confirmed to any particular weapons or ammunition specified in it;
(ii) subject to such conditions as the Arms Authority may deem fit;
(iii) included if desirable in some other form of licence, authority or document;
(b) cancel any written exemption.

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