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South Australia. 1977 ‘Obligations of Prescribed Person.’ Firearms Act 1977 (Version: 7.2.2014); Section 15C (Part 3). Adelaide: Parliament of South Australia. 12 May

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15C. Obligations of prescribed person

(1) A prescribed person who witnesses the transfer of possession of a firearm for the purposes of this Division must —
(a) satisfy himself or herself by inspecting the relevant permit and licence that the person acquiring the firearm is entitled to acquire and possess it; and
(b) record —
(i) the name and address of the person transferring and the person acquiring the firearm and the number of each of their firearms licences; and
(ii) the class, make, calibre and serial number or other identification of the firearm; and
(iii) where the firearm is lent or hired - the duration and the terms of the loan or hire; and
(iv) such other information as is prescribed by regulation; and
(c) provide the Registrar with the information recorded under paragraph (b) within one month after possession of the firearm is transferred.

(2) If a prescribed person is unable to comply with subsection (1) because a person refuses or fails to produce a licence or permit for inspection or to provide information required by subsection (1)(b), the prescribed person must prepare and submit a report to the Registrar setting out such information as the Registrar requires in relation to the matter.

(3) A prescribed person may refuse to witness the transfer of possession of a firearm as required by this Division if he or she is not first paid the fee prescribed by regulation.

(4) A licensed dealer in firearms or a responsible officer of a recognised firearms club authorised by the Registrar to witness the transfer of possession of a firearm for the purposes of this Division who contravenes or fails to comply with a requirement of this section is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty: $5 000.

(5) In this section -
prescribed person has the same meaning as in section 15B.

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