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Western Australia. 1974 ‘Category A Firearms.’ Firearms Regulations 1974 (Version 07-d0-01, as at 22 July 2015); Division 1 (Schedule 3). Perth: State Law Publisher. 1 July

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1. Category A firearms

Each firearm described in the Table is a category A firearm.


Sub-category - Description

A1 an air rifle
A2.1 a single shot rim fire rifle
A2.2 a repeating rim fire rifle
A3.1 a single shot shotgun
A3.2 a double barrel shotgun
A3.3 a repeating shotgun (lever or bolt action)
A4.1 a combination firearm made up of a shotgun and a rifle each of which would individually be of category A
A4.2 a rifle combination made up of rifles each of which would individually be of category A

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1973]

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