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Western Australia. 1974 ‘Storage Security Requirements.’ Firearms Regulations 1974 (Version 07-d0-01, as at 22 July 2015); Section 11A. Perth: State Law Publisher. 1 July

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11A. Storage security requirements

(1) A person entitled to possess firearms or ammunition of any kind is to ensure that the firearms or ammunition are stored in accordance with this regulation.

(2) Firearms and ammunition are to be stored in a locked cabinet or container that at least meets the specifications described in Schedule 4 or in such other way as is approved.

(3A) Subregulation (2) does not apply to propellant unless it is incorporated in a cartridge.

(3) A cabinet or container that can be unlocked with a key is to be regarded as unlocked if the key is left in the lock or is otherwise accessible where the cabinet or container is located.

[(4)-(6) deleted]

(7) A magazine is not to contain any ammunition when it is stored.

(8) Ammunition is not to be stored in a cabinet or container in which a firearm is stored unless the ammunition is in another locked metal container in which no firearm is stored and which is securely affixed so as to prevent its removal from the cabinet or container.

[(9) deleted]

(10) The requirements of this regulation are in addition to, not instead of, any requirements under the Explosives and Dangerous Goods Act 1961.

[The Act referred to in this Regulation is the Firearms Act 1973]

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